Have a Group of People to Support You

During your pregnancy, birth and after birth, it is useful to have a group of people surrounding you for support.

You can gather together whoever you like for this but I found it really important to have people there with you in a variety of ways – in person, in messages, on the phone – however you need them.

My ‘Mothers group’ was formed from the mums who were in my antenatal hospital class. At the end of our classes that we attended, I set up a Facebook page so we could all share ideas, ask each other for help, talk about what was going on, etc. They were the most supportive people throughout the final weeks of my pregnancy, the days surrounding when I gave birth and onwards as we all watch our babies grow.

We were there as we all nervously waited for our due date or birth day to arrive, and supported each other through the emotions and uncertainties of the hospital stay, birth, and the after birth days.

Having them there to discuss:

  • If they were experiencing similar things to me;
  • How they handle situations with their baby, or;
  • If they were going through the same after-birth stuff as me was extremely helpful.

This made me feel ‘normal’ when I learnt that they were going through the same thing. If they weren’t, then they were supportive with ideas and kindness to help get you through. Because we all had our babies within a few months of each other, our babies are all doing things relatively at the same time. Having each other has helped keep me calm, because of their support, and allowed me share my calmness with the others.

Your Mothers group may be family members, friends, strangers (like my antenatal class mums who are now some of my closest friends), etc.

Don’t forget your Mother! Bounce ideas, share concerns and ask her advice. After all she was the one who raised you!! She knows you really well and can be one of your biggest supporters. You may feel more comfortable opening up to her about more personal issues.

Surround yourself with people you find most comfortable to discuss things with and to help support you along the way.

Knowing that you have a support group to fall back on when your having a hard day can make those hard days a lot easier.

By Clare at Relaxed Parenting Blog