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Why I want ever lasting memories

Ever looked back and wished you had taken more photos and kept more records of various things through your life? I absolutely love recording things especially since becoming a mother. One of my favourite things to do when I go back home to my parents place is pulling out the old photos, baby books, and books with all our records and childhood in them. It is absolutely fascinating to look back on. It also amazes me how much you forget if you don’t record it in some form.

‘Ever Lasting Memories’ –from my followers:

I asked some of my followers why they like having ever lasting memories through things like photos, etc of their childhood or their life:

  • They help you remember details of moments you might have otherwise forgotten. – Joel
  • It is a documentation of achievements in life and allows reflection. – Jess
  • They are fabulous to look back on to remember things that you had forgotten and realise what a great life you had. – Lyn
  • I love the memories from photos giving good stories to tell/show your children, then they can show their children. I’m big for photos, I like to have albums and albums of pictures. – Holly
  • I love having everlasting memories because it is a great way to reflect on things you have done in your life. Not only big achievements, but especially the everyday things like mowing the grass with dad or cooking with mum. You can see your parent’s as young people with the same hopes and dreams that I have now as a parent. – Anika
  • Life gets so busy and your head filled with unnecessary stuff you can easily forget the good/important times, having ever lasting memories allows you to stay connected with those times, keeps memories alive, and your able to share those memories with your kids, becomes more real to them with things to show them rather than just telling them a story of your childhood. –Jess
  • Because a picture is a snapshot of a moment in time that you can never get back. If you’re lucky enough, you may catch a first giggle, or step, or look of pure unadulterated love between siblings and have it immortalised for all time.- Jaz
  • I think memories are the most important things to life. Time may pass but memories are forever. – Bonnie
  • I like having ever lasting memories through photos, etc, of my childhood because I can’t remember what I was like back then, but photos, videos, etc show me what I was like. I will be keeping lots of ever lasting memories for my son as well so he will be able to see what he was like as a baby and a child and all the fun things we did together. He will see how loved he has been since the beginning. – Jill


Here Are 3 Ways You Can Track Milestones and Create Every Lasting Memories:

1. Pregnancy Photo Diary

Recording my pregnancies with weekly belly photos is something I am so glad I did and something I know a lot of friends wish they had done also. Watching my belly grow week by week was incredible. It isn’t until I took photos that I would realise when it had popped week by week. During my second pregnancy I took photos in the exact same place and way as my first pregnancy so I could compare week by week the various belly shapes. This created a little bit of fun each week as people would guess what I was having according to my belly shape compared to my first pregnancy (a girl).

Miss A’s Pregnancy (first baby) – 40.1 weeks

                pregnancy 1 pregnancy 2 pregnancy 3 pregnancy 4  14089402_10154517554994319_1159401693_n


Miss C Pregnancy (second baby) – 38.5 weeks

growing CC growing CC 2 growing CC 3 growing CC 5  growing CC 4


2. Children’s Growth Diary

baby weekly pics.jpg

Just like the weekly pregnancy photos I LOVE recording weekly photos of my babies as they grow throughout the 1st year. In this first year they grow and change SO much. So many things happen over this period. They change and develop every week and it is easy to forget how much they have changed until you look back on your records and photos. I have 1000s and 1000s of photos of my girls. More than they will likely ever have time to look at but I am so glad that I have every one of those photos as it truly shows how much they have changed.

Each week I set up this little setting (as seen above) and capture a photo of my baby. On a piece of paper I write a little blurb about the week and record things they have achieved or places they have been etc. I also include an estimated recording of weight and length measurements so I can see how much they grew each week.


Why do I do this? To look back on and remember:

  1. How small they once were.
  2. See how much they have grown and developed.
  3. A great record for them to look back on when they grow up.
  4. A great way to remember significant achievements/recordings each week. I also use milestone cards to add to this photo (when required). These cards come with a number of other fun milestones that you can record. First steps, first solids, first time they stood, first time they slept through, etc.


3. Measuring and Recording Children’s Heights



WHY keep records of their height:

Keeping track of your child’s height and weight as they grow has 2 purposes:

  1. Medical purpose, especially in that first year, to keep track of your baby’s growth and development. Are they growing/gaining enough weight?
  2. The fun that comes with tracking your growth as a child or as a parent recording your child’s growth. Seeing how much they grow as the years pass by and comparing them amongst siblings.


HOW to keep records of their height:

The ‘Growscroll’ provides a unique way of recording the whole family’s growth as time passes by. It is so portable that it can be taken where ever you live- ideal particularly for family’s who rent (however it is the perfect everlasting way to record the families growth as it can be passed down through the family as each family outgrows it.) Follow the easy to use instructions supplied on their website. Hang your ‘Growscroll’ and let the fun begin. I am so excited to use it more and more as the years pass by as my girls get bigger. At the moment with Miss A being such a busy bee it is hard to pin her down for long enough to record her height and Miss C is too little to even sit let alone stand and measure how long she is.


WHY we chose the Growscroll:

  • · Portable
  • · Unique design
  • · Wonderful family memorabilia
  • · A wonderful way to keep ever lasting memories and records
  • · Perfect for people who rent like ourselves allowing us to record the growth of our girls and take it with us where ever we live.
  • · Beautiful handmade product
  • · I love the scroll design
  • · Allows me to put the scroll away/rolled up to keep out of reach of little hands
  • · I loved dealing with Susan, she was really helpful when I was putting in my order.
  • · A wonderful way to record milestones and family growth.
  • · A product that can be handed down through the family.
  • · Family history over many years recorded on the same product- This is something that I have never seen before as usually family’s record growth on the door frame of their house.25286951_10156054148974319_1179580619_n

-OUR Growscroll-






About me:

My name is Clare, from Sydney Australia. I am a mother of 2 girls (2 years old and 5 months old). I started my parenting blog after having my 1st baby as I wanted to try and help other new mums and also build an online community to support one another through the highs and lows of parenthood.



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