‘Animals In The Mouth Method’ For Cleaning Children’s Teeth

After putting it out there to our Instagram followers, asking do they struggle with cleaning their toddlers teeth as much as we struggle to clean Miss A’s teeth, I came across a new idea for getting them to get the job done. Well at least an option worth trying as many other options have yet to be successful for us!

‘Animals In The Mouth Method’

(Conversation via Instagram in response to my picture shared above)

  • fearfulpenguin Have you heard of the animals in the mouth method?! I know a lot of people who swear by it, although we haven’t tried it ourselves as Boo is a bit young yet I think.
  • relaxedparentingNo I haven’t heard about it. Is it just something we can Google? How old is your child? 🙂 @fearfulpenguin
  • fearfulpenguin@relaxedparenting hi, it basically involves pretending that an animal has got in her mouth and you have to brush it out. ‘There is a monkey in there, let’s brush him out’. Using different animals etc and making more of a game of it. My daughter is 15 months but has been ok with tooth brushing so far and not sure she’d understand the animals game just yet. All we do at the moment is I brush her teeth then let her “brush her own” while I brush mine so she sees me doing them. Not sure how long it’ll last, she’s already starting to put up a bit more of a fight!
  • relaxedparenting@fearfulpenguin interesting! We will have to try it. I’ll tell my partner and we will give it a try. She LOVES animals and is getting great at naming a whole bunch of them so this MAY work! 😁 worth a shot! Very rarely are we aloud to brush my daughters teeth. Usually its just her chewing on the brush


Have you ever heard of this method and have you had any success with it? 

I had not heard of this particular method but I am certainly willing to give it a shot. I have many times mentioned on the blog/Instagram/Facebook pages that we struggle with teeth cleaning and that it is a major concern for us.


By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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