Nappy Change Time With A Toddler

Cloth Nappy Designs To the Rescue

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As Miss A has gotten older and more mobile nappy changes have become harder and harder. Gone are the days of when she would lay there and let me do it. She now wriggles around, tries to sit up, rolls over onto her front, tries to stand up, tries to crawl off the change table etc etc. Tantrum central at times when I try and change her nappy.

Hands up if you know where I am coming from? 

Until today when I saw something that may majorly improve nappy change time as it makes it fun. I decided to use our cloth nappies today (we use both cloth and disposable depending on where we are and what we are doing, but we love both). Miss A needed a nappy change and I knew it could be a challenge to get her to agree.

Thankfully as she is getting older her speech is getting better and she is learning more and more words. Thank goodness for Yes and No. Ok so learning the word ‘no’ can be incredibly frustrating for parents as it then becomes no,no,no,no,no. However when it comes to trying to figure out what the child wants or communicate and make an agreement, them understanding and being able to say yes and no makes it so much easier.

I asked Miss A “Do you have a pooey nappy?” “yes” “Can mummy change it?” “yes”. Ok great we had agreed on the fact she had done a poo and the fact she needed it changed BUT then the next challenge is getting her to actually agree to lay on the change table with no fuss.

Some of our cloth nappy stash

This is where our cloth nappy stash came in handy! I took her to the box with the nappies in them and said ” Do you want to wear the yellow one?”,  “Yeah”. Great again we had come to an agreement. She was rather excited to have a funky yellow cloth nappy on.


A few hours later she needed another nappy change. So we went through the same process, however this time we chose the Unicorn nappy she had gotten out a few times already today. Again she agreed she needed a change, and agreed that the new nappy with unicorns on it would be fun to wear.


Now this is not a 100% guaranteed fool proof method, but involving her in the process has shown a improvement on our change table. Fingers crossed we continue to have more successful changes, but I am sure we will come across the odd tantrums still which is fine.

Have you found something that helps with change time with your wriggly, active toddler? 

By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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