I wish someone told me…. 5 things every new parent needs to know

Guest blog post by Tiff Droge, Mother and owner of Love Puggle.

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The first reason I wanted to start my blog was to pass on advice to new and expecting parents. So, I guess that the best place to start it was to share a few things that we have learned since our little Tanner was born that I wish someone had told me.

Each of these things are pretty simple, but they would have been good to know before she was born. Even just to relieve some of the stress of having a new-born and not knowing what the hell we were doing.

5 Things Every New Parent Needs To Know

1. The saying “Sleeping like a baby” does not apply to new-borns! Well, not Tanner any
way. She was the loudest sleeper as a new born. She sounded like a farm animal making
lots of grunting noises. I remember standing over her making sure that she was still
breathing most nights.

2. Occasionally I would be holding Tanner and she would stop breathing!! Only for a few
seconds, but I wish someone had told me that can happen. As you can imagine, as a new
parent it freaked me out!! It is just their respiratory system working itself out. It
happened randomly over the first few months.

3. At about week 5 Tanner got a hormonal rash all over her face. It lasted until about week 10. I went to the doctor straight away, only to be told it was perfectly normal. It happens because at around that time my hormones are leaving her body, so is very common. I used Aqueous cream to help it.

4. Conjunctivitis is common in babies. We ended up at the emergency room early one
Saturday morning because Tanner was only 8 days old and was struggling to open her
eye due to the gunk in it. We went to the doctor first then they sent us straight to the
hospital. It turns out it was not a big deal at all and just needed to put an ointment in
them for a week. However, it was scary as a new mum not knowing what it was and if it
could potentially affect her vision.

5. Keep up to date with your baby records and milestones. I was given a beautiful baby
book, but I still have not filled it out and need to back-track now to fill it in. It will be
really nice for them to look back on when they are grown up and for you to remember
how cute they were.

All the best for your parenthood adventures,
*Please note that this article has been written from our experiences only and does not constitute medical advice in any way.
Consult your doctor if you are not sure about any issues your child has, or if you have medical questions of any kind.

My Bio;

My name is Tiff Droge and I am a mum to my beautiful little Tanner Jae.

I have only been writing blog posts for a short time, so I hope my grammar isn’t too bad ;). I started this blog to be able to provide advice to new and expecting mums which I never received or which I received in parts from different people. I know that I found it hard when I was pregnant to know which pieces of advice to listen to and which not to. All I hope is that I can provide you with a little piece of helpful advice. I am a Health and PE teacher living in Melbourne, currently lucky enough to be on maternity leave with my beautiful Tanner.
Please feel free to contact me at tiffany@lovepuggle.net if you have any questions at all.


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