I am very excited to be working with Sam at Sinchies as one of her affiliates.

We came across her company at a Pregnancy and Baby expo back in early 2015 when I was pregnant with Miss A and thought what a great idea her pouches were for when it came to starting solids. Since having Miss A we have discovered that the list of things they can be used for is endless, just depends how creative you wish to be.

WHAT are Sinchies? Click HERE to check out their website.

“Sinchies reusable food pouches are designed for feeding”on the run” with no bowl or spoon required. Homemade goodness with store bought convenience!”

“You can monitor exactly what goes into the reusable pouch, ensuring you and your children receive optimum nutrition that is free from preservatives sugars or additives that are often found in pre-packaged foods.” 

ABOUT Sam the owner of Sinchies:

Sinchies was founded by Sam Spunner, launching her first product the 80ml in 2012, but the idea was founded in 2010.

She worked in childcare and saw what came in the kids lunchboxes. Prepackaged food that was full of added sugar, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. While convenient, there was minimal nutritional value in them. This was her inspiration to create Sinchies. Children with intolerance’s in the childcare were missing out on the convenience of the store purchased pouches and this was Sam’s mission to solve.

There was one little girl who was intolerant to dairy and she would cry because she couldn’t have a pouch of her own. Solving her pain became my purpose and my African background where we reuse and re-purpose everything, became my inspiration”.

Sinchies is now the largest reusable pouch company in Australia, has won multiple awards and is revolutionising the “fast food” industry with fun, healthy recipes and reusable pouches that were inspired from her years as a childcare educator.

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We hope you fall in love with Sinchies like we have!


I am proudly supported by Sinchies