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Clare at Relaxed Parenting 

My name is Clare and I am based in Sydney, Australia. I became a mum in September 2015 and I am now on the wonderful journey of parenthood. I strongly believe in staying calm about pregnancy, birth and parenting. This has helped me have a relaxed head space which has provided us with a relaxed environment.

Before becoming a mother I worked with many children through sport. I am an athletics coach who has worked in schools, at coaching clinics, holiday clinics, after school care programs. I also have athletes that I coach privately. While making sure they know I’m the one in control, I also have had a pretty relaxed attitude when dealing with children. I have learnt to assess the situation before rushing into it.

  I am also a remedial massage therapist. Through my studies I have learnt about muscles and how they work most efficiently. I was able to use this information to help me relax leading into the day I gave birth, telling myself that my body knows what to do and the more relaxed I can stay the more effectively my body can work.

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