Why did I start this blog after giving birth to my Daughter?

Before falling pregnant I had no clue of what to expect or what it was like to be pregnant, I didn’t know anything much about birth and what it was like to be a parent. When I fell pregnant and as the weeks rolled by I searched for more and more information to get my head around what to expect.

I was pretty calm and relaxed about the process but I was VERY naïve about it all. There were a few moments during pregnancy that I was blown away by due to the fact no one had ever mentioned things or spoken about them. I felt as though certain things were some kind of ’secret’ and so through this blog I wanted to share my experiences with others to help anyone else who was in the same boat as me- first time mum who had no idea of what to expect. Things like what to expect at your midwife appointments, what to expect when labour starts, what can happen during labour, the after birth pains, tearing, contractions, breastfeeding struggles, etc.

I also put this blog together to build a platform for parents to share tips and ideas and to support one another. Personally I have no family close by to help, so it is nice to feel like I have a sense of moral support through the blog, and also to allow me to share ideas to help others.

Are you looking for some support, ideas, and stories to relate to?

Join our blogging journey through parenthood as we discuss : Pregnancy, Labour & Birth, Your Baby and You, Guest Blogs, Birth Stories, Sensory Play, Baby Food, Meal Time, Photo a Day Challenges, and Slow Cooker Meals.

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Clare xx