10 Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom

Your child’s bedroom can be one of the greatest, yet most challenging, room designs to tackle in your house. Children change their mind so often and grow quickly, so it is important to find something that will last longer than a month.

Another challenge is the fact that everything still needs to be kid-friendly and not dangerous. You’ve spent all of this time child-proofing your house, and the task only continues in their bedroom design.

All of the “ifs, ands or butts” can make coming up with a stylish way to decorate your child’s bedroom quite the task. Here are 10 great, stylish ways to decorate your child’s bedroom:

1. Utilize personalized ribbon. Personalized ribbon is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking about decorating your child’s bedroom. However, the great thing about personalized ribbon is that it is affordable, and easily interchangeable. If you have a little girl, you could use the ribbon to decorate a hair bow holder for her. Try wrapping it around a mason jar, or attach it to the edges of a cork board, for a cute outline – then add her hair bows. You could add her name to the ribbon, or even try something like an inspirational quote!

2. Add a rug. Some rugs can be quite pricey, but if you keep an eye out for sales, or even at resale shops, you can find a good deal on a great rug! Rugs are easily interchangeable and totally safe for your little one. The rug adds a pop of color, or an attribute to their favorite show, while also adding some extra padding to the ground that your child is playing on.

3. Add an accent wall. Instead of going all out and painting the entire room, which can be bold, or adding a mural of their favorite character at the time, pick on solid color and one wall. By just adding one accent wall, you can match it to many different things over the years. Another perk is that if you only have one accent wall, if they end up hating that color later then you only have one wall to repaint!

4. Frame their artwork and use that as decoration. Your child is probably proud of the artwork they have created – rather it be at school, with their sitter or with you. This is some of the most inexpensive artwork you will find! Grab a cute picture frame from your favorite store and hang up a few pieces of their artwork. This adds decoration and shows off their creativity!

5. Add a chalkboard wall. This might be a messier option than the rest, but it would be great fun for your child for years to come! You can buy paint at any local home store that will let you turn your wall into a chalkboard. This will give your child something to do, and then their newest artwork is always easily displayed.

6. Create your own headboard. While this sounds like a major DIY project, it doesn’t have to be. Simply get a piece of plywood and add some fabric to it. This is a great way to promote transitioning into their “big kid” bed while also adding a pop of style to their room.

7. Get creative with toy storage. Having multiple pieces of furniture in your child’s room is almost inevitable. You need their dresser for clothes and places to store books and toys. Get creative with their toy box or whatever piece of furniture you use to store things. It can always be repainted, so make it a staple in their room. After all, it probably is the most used piece in there.

8. Make a homework nook. This is a great way to accomplish style and practicality all in one! By creating a cute little workspace with a chair and school supplies, you promote learning and give your child their own place to get their homework done. This also makes for a stylish addition to their bedroom!

9. Add a handmade touch. Aside from the headboard, there are other great DIY projects that could add some flare to your child’s room. Try sewing a new pillow cover, or making a canopy cover for their bed.

10. Order a wall sticker. Another great way to add a pop to the wall without overhauling the entire room is to order a huge decal. You can get anything from their favorite football player to an elegant tree. Simply stick it on the wall and there you go!


About the Guest blogger:

Annabelle Carter Short is a writer and a seamstress of more than 5 years. She splits her time between London and Los Angeles and writes for Wunderlabel. Annabelle is a mother and enjoys making crafts with her two children, Leo (age 9) and Michelle (age 11). Annabelle likes to write about crafting, sewing, and parenting. You can visit her blog to learn more about her work.

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