Sensory Play with Food in the Bath

A few days ago we shared on our Instagram and Facebook a sneak peak of our recent ‘Sensory play with Food’ fun that Miss A and I had together.

The sneak peak on our social media of this activity

I have always loved the idea of sensory play and exploring different textures and getting their hands a bit dirty creating loads of fun. However with sensory play comes a lot of mess so you need a space that is easily cleaned.

After having a look through our cupboards I found the below ingredients for us to play with and feel different textures after mixing a wet and dry ingredient together.

Ingredients for Food Sensory Play

I put the dry ingredients into take away containers and organised the wet ingredients to be added once set up in the bath.

Left to right: Milo and Milk, Flour and oil, Cous Cous and water, Sugar and Lime Juice 

It was time to get messy and have some fun! I set up in the bath so it was easy to clean the mess an Miss A after we finished.

We started off with the sugar and lime juice. Now my intention was to feel the different textures in her hands, on her body and to scatter it around the bath. Miss A thought we were taste testing each container as well as feeling it with her fingers. She had a bit of a shock when she had the sugar and lime juice! Sour!

Next was flour and oil. Again she taste tested it to make sure she knew what she was dealing with, again not the greatest taste mum. This made a fun paste to paint onto herself, smear around the bath and crumble around also.


Cous Cous and warm water to cook it in came next. This was a meal on its own, She LOVED it. Again not intentional for eating but why not, it is food after all. shoveling it into her mouth, handful by handful.

Milo and Milk, at the start it makes a pretty fun texture and the milo is still pretty grainy. the more she played with it the less thick it was and more drink like. She also LOVED the taste of this and asked for more! By this stage she was very messy covered in bits of all the above ingredients. A huge mess to clean up, both her and the bathroom.

Thank goodness we played in the bath! 

The mess she made during this activity was massive and I am so thankful I did it in the bathroom and in the bath. I had to take her out of the bath and stood her in the shower while I cleaned the bath up, which then made the shower floor something that needed cleaning, she then wanted to get out of the shower before I had the bath ready  and made another mess on the bathroom floor. It was a fun project for her so I was totally ok with the clean up. A bath once I cleaned it all up was necessary straight away so it didn’t get spread all over my house.

Can’t wait to find some other textures and ingredients to play with next time with Miss A.

Have you done some sensory play with food before? What did you use? and how did you do it?

By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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