Day 4 Of The Garmin Vivofit Challenge

Yesterday I did 9,486 steps. 2,486 steps past my 7,000 daily step goal for the week.

We had another pretty good night of sleep, except our daughter decided to wake at 5 am and then decided that she was going to stay up. I’m not a morning person so this was not so fun. I fed her and thankfully my amazing partner took over and changed her, played with her and hung out till he had to leave for work. So I got to sleep a little longer, getting up about 7.30-8 am.

I spent the early morning at home doing a few house jobs, and mum duties. By 9.30 am I was on 679 steps. By 10.15 am, just before I left home I was on 967 steps.

We set off to do some jobs around town before catching up with a friend for lunch at Circa. This cafe is my favourite cafe to go to. The food is amazing and so unique!


After lunch I had only taken about 3800 steps. I wasn’t too worried about how I would make up the steps as I was coaching this afternoon and knew I’d get the steps up there. We had to do a few more things at the shops after lunch before we set off back home. Before having my Garmin I would have 100% driven to the shops and parked there, leaving me with not only no steps but also a parking ticket to pay for also to cover the time I spent there. So it was a double win!

While at the shops I purchased a new toy for my daughter. She has always loved standing (assisted). At one stage she would stand rather than sit and would go all stiff legged when you would try sit her down.

I am not a massive fan of walkers due to hip restriction and position in some of them, but this one (pictured below) allows them to free stand and it provides a bar for her to hold while she learns to gain balance and mobility. As a massage therapist and athletics coach I am very cautious about pushing her to do things before she is ready, and forcing her into positions too early. Just like when coaching a child, there is no long term benefit to pushing them into heavy training too soon. Yes they will likely show improvement in their sporting performance but in the long run they may either burn out or may get injured.  13245821_10154248760004319_1268015266_n

When we got home from the shops, I set up the activity walker and she had a turn at standing up holding onto it with my assistance to help with balance.

By 3 pm, I was about to head out to coaching and I was on 5149 steps.


Barton_Park_TrackOff we went to coach my 3 young athletes in long jump. Digging the pit over to make sure it is soft and safe for the athletes, walking up and back along the runway while coaching, setting up and packing up equipment. At the end of coaching I was up to 9095 steps.

By the end of the day I’m feeling a bit head cold like which is annoying as two years ago I was sick 3-4 times throughout the year, last year being pregnant over winter I had my first flu shot. I have not yet had one this year and now I have the start of a head cold. Fingers crossed it passes quickly and I can continue with my step count progress which I am very happy with this week.

Tonight has been a pretty chilled evening, playing with my daughter before her bedtime, and relaxing in front of the TV. I am currently on 9505 steps and not too far away from bed for the night with no extreme steps planned to happen.

Tomorrow we are off to the Pregnancy Babies & Children’s Expo in Sydney. I am excited to check out a few products. I’m sure we will manage to get up some steps as we wonder around the stalls and walk to and from the car.

Looking forward to seeing how many steps we can clock up tomorrow.

Watch this space!

By Clare at Relaxed Parenting Blog

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