When Mums Need To Get The Washing Done

Ever have those moments when you just NEED to hang the washing out or you will need to wash them all over again as they have sat there too long? Does you baby/toddler enjoy playing in water?

If yes, here is a fun idea for your child while you hang the washing!

What you need:

  • 1 large tub/bucket
  • Water (I filled my tub up in the bath with warm water like I would have for a bath)
  • Rubber ducks
  • Bath toys
  • Swimmers
  • Swim nappy if still in nappies

What to do:

  • Fill up your tub with warm water like a bath ( In summer you wouldn’t need it as warm.
  • Take the tub outside near the clothes line.
  • Put a range of fun bath toys in the tub.
  • Have your washing basket out there ready to hang.
  • Place your child in the tub to splash and play while you hang the washing.
  • ALWAYS supervise your child- NEVER walk away leaving them unassisted while in the water. Make sure you baby/child is confident in the water and able to sit up with confidence. 


By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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