How And Why To Make A ‘Dad To Be’ Basket

So you have found out your expecting a baby! This is such an amazing feeling for you both, yet as the ‘mum to be’ we get to experience so much more through out the pregnancy and birth before the baby arrives.

It’s not until the baby is born and even a few weeks/months old in some cases before the dad has much to do with the baby. I personally felt sad about the fact that I got the experience and bond with ‘our’ baby all along before my partner really got to share the fact we were about to become a parents.

We found out we were pregnant, he saw the baby on ultrasounds, he got to feel the baby kick sometimes if she behaved herself when he was around, otherwise he went to work as usual with the knowledge in the back of his mind that he was going to become a parent. Over time as we got closer to the due date, the house turned from looking like two adults living here, to the addition of a baby on the way. Baby clothes on the line, baby room getting ready, pram, cot, etc.

For me, and all ‘mums to be’ from the day we find out know we are about to become a parent because we experience pregnancy feelings and moments all the time, daily, hourly, etc. From morning sickness, to feeling baby kick, to watching our bodies change and grow, to giving birth. Even the ‘baby shower’ is all about mum and baby.

With this thought in mind I decided to start buying bits and pieces for my partner to give to him around the time I was having my baby shower.

Dad to be Basket

Now this really can be as big or small as you like and can have what ever you like in it. If you google ‘Dad To Be Baskets’ you will find a variety of ideas that people have done for their partners.

Mine was filled with different things he liked that he could share with the baby. Things he was interested in. For example: AFL supporter stuff, clothing items for baby that had anything dad related (onesies, bibs, socks etc), Star wars- toys, clothes (for him and baby), ACDC shirts for them both, Dad books for him to read to the baby,  etc.

Here are a few examples that I found online when I was looking for ideas:

As I mentioned above, there are SO many ideas if you just google ‘Dad To Be Baskets’. Also once you have an idea of various things your partner is interested in then you just google away and see what is out there. You will be amazed at how many different things are available related to baby’s.

Various Ideas for things to add to your basket:

Basically the basket can be what ever you want it to be, but the whole idea of it is to make him feel important and special and make him a part of the fun before baby arrives.

I’d love to see some of the things you put in your ‘Dad To Be Basket’ !!

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By Clare at Relaxed Parenting Blog

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Picture below from: The Doyle Dispatch