Tutu At The Park

Never did I expect I would have a little girl let alone a girly girl as I am not a girly girl myself. We didn’t know what we were having until our baby was born and it was the best surprise to find out she was a little girl. We had no gut feeling one way or the other but with my partner having boys everywhere in his family we would not have been surprised if we had a boy.

I spent my childhood chasing two big brothers around, playing all sorts of sports and wearing shorts and shirts instead of skirts and dresses. My mother tried to make me a bit girly with ribbons and bows but apparently as soon as it went it I would rip it out again.

For the first 5-6 months I could do what ever I like in the way of headbands with my daughter. Until one day she discovered she could pull them off and it was end of game for headbands. It was pay back for me taking them off for my mum.

All her headbands went away in a drawer as she was no longer using them. Once she learnt to walk she started to discover things and pull everything out of her draws- headbands included!!

One day she brought a headband to me and looked like she wanted it on. Of course I jumped at the idea and put it on. She loved it, looking at herself in the mirror very proud.

As the weeks went by she asked more and more to put them on. She will now leave them in for hours! Yay!

Yesterday she came to me with her tutu she had for her birthday. Requesting it be put on. On it went. A couple hours later we went to the park and the tutu came with us. Never did I expect I would have a little girl wanting to run around the park in a tutu. We spent the time out kicking a ball around, swinging on the swings, and running about the park in her tutu.

I absolutely love that she is a girly girl and will enjoy watching her explore and grow as she gets older.

tutu in the park.png

What has your child insisted on wearing outside of the house? 

By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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