Hospital Bag MUST Haves For Mum

After having a hospital bag or 2 packed ready for the big day in the weeks leading up to my due date the lists got longer, and I was unsure of what I would need. Well lets be honest no one REALLY knows what they will need, how long they will be there, what they wished they had etc. I can definitely tell you I had a lot more packed in my bag then I needed in the end, but I was happy I had them packed ‘in case’.

What would I pack second time around? Well to be honest I am not 100% sure on the full list but here are some things I used first time and would have on the top of my list next time:

  1. SNACKS and Drinks!! -Through our antenatal classes we were advised to bring along snacks for labour in case it lasted a long time and so your partner didn’t have to leave the room and could be with you the whole time. I wasn’t aloud to eat or drink anything in case I vomited it up- thankfully my baby was born not too much longer after I asked to have something and I was able to eat after birth. However the time that snacks become very useful were after I gave birth, at all hours of the night when I was up breastfeeding, and this continued for weeks when we got home having a bag of snacks next to my bed ready to go for those night feeds. Snacks are also greatly useful for your partner as they may get hungry during your labour or even your time in hospital and instead of them going away to get food you will have food on hand already.
  2. Pillow- I took my own U-shaped pillow to hospital to sleep with and also found this very useful when breastfeeding as I could use it to rest my baby on while I fed her. It also helped having a bit of familiarity in bed for your stay in hospital.
  3. Chargers- Phones, Ipads, cameras etc. These are all items your likely to use for photos, getting in contact with loved ones etc and you don’t want to have a flat battery after such exciting news has arrived.
  4. Maternity Tops With Inbuilt Bras- After giving birth my boobs were so tender in the days following due to my milk coming in. The thought of wearing a bra was so uncomfortable so I was wearing just the singlet tops with bras built in and a breast pad inside to catch any leaks. I wore these tops without a bra for the first few weeks, which also made breastfeeding a lot easier for those first few weeks when I was trying to figure out how to breastfeed without flashing my whole boob to the whole world.
  5. Bath Towel and Bath Mat- Hospital towels are very small. Having your own bath towel and bath mat to stand on while you dry off will make it more comfortable having a shower during your hospital stay.
  6. Liquid Body Wash- Quick easy way to wash when your tender and sore. Usually comes smelling really nice which may help make you feel better and nicer after your shower. Its also easy to carry in a small bottle to fit in your wash bag.
  7. Dark Nighties for labour and sleeping in while in hospital- I found this really useful when I first arrived at the hospital as my waters kept breaking and my clothes I arrived in were soaking. It was comfortable, allowed them to easily assess me, and it didn’t matter about getting stains or marks on it as it was plain black.
  8. Comfortable Pajamas That Allow Easy Access To Breasts- In the first few weeks when your establishing breastfeeding its easier to wear clothes that have easy access to your breasts. As the weeks go by you figure out what works best and become more comfortable with the idea of breastfeeding and type of clothes become less of an issue.
  9. Water bottle- You may get extra thirsty if you are breastfeeding and even during labour you may find you want to drink more water so It is handy to have a drink bottle near by. The midwives are able to get you cups of water if you forget a drink bottle.
  10. Breast Pads and Maternity Pads-How many is too many well that’s hard to tell as you wont know how heavy your blood flow or milk leakage is until after you have your baby. 1 box of breast pads and 2-3 packs of maternity pads should easily cover. Otherwise just send your partner out to get some for you.
  11. High Waist Undies- Why? Two reasons- If you have a c-section I have been told they are extremely comfortable as they sit over your scar and not rubbing on it. For me they were incredibly comfortable for tender body parts as they were loose and comfortable not tight and cutting into my hips/legs. Easy and practical for fitting those extra large pads in also!

What were your MUST have items in your hospital bag?


By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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