Breastfeeding Mums In Winter

As today is the last day of World Breastfeeding Week, I thought I would share a bit of fun and chill that comes for breastfeeding mummies in winter.

Breastfeeding my baby has been such an amazing journey. I had a spring baby last year so the temperature wasn’t too bad as it was starting to warm up and besides, I was boiling hot at times after I had my daughter for the first few weeks so I didn’t notice any cold too much.

I don’t like winter that much as it is, but I tell you breastfeeding in winter makes it that little bit more freezing and uncomfortable.

I am slowly weaning my baby as she is now 10 months old and we are hoping to continue till 12 months old.

Winter Breastfeeding Means:

  • Too much skin out in the open for the chilly breeze to ‘woosh’ past and make me cold, uncovering skin I’d rather have covered on a winters day.
  • Little freezing ice cold hands and fingers running across my already bare and cold skin, giving me a shock and surprise when they touch me- especially my belly or sides where the skin is already sensitive.
  • Not being able to pull the covers up properly during night feeds in bed leaving you uncovered and cold.

Someone needs to invent some better clothing for breastfeeding mothers so we can stay rugged up and still be able breastfeed our babies throughout winter without freezing.

Who else has experienced the cold side that comes with winter breastfeeding?

Positives To Breastfeeding, Even If It’s In Winter:

  • Your own personal hot water bottle that keeps you warm
  • The bonding connection built when you hold your baby close and share the breastfeeding moment.
  • Feeling like a magician when you are able to calm and fix your baby when they are upset just by offering them the comfort of breastfeeding.

24 Days of Winter (in Australia) left!!!



By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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