A Child’s Pure Love

My daughter is 6 days short of becoming a one year old. Over the past couple of months I have watched her grow into a funny, cheeky, little person who interacts with us through smiles, laughter, copying us, sounds, a couple of words and actions. It blows my mind how quick they go from helpless to little people with their own big personalities!

There is no better feeling than coming home to her after being out, may it be for 5 minutes OR for a couple of hours, and seeing her face lights up, her nose scrunch up and her smile beam across her face. Her little hand goes up into the air and gives a huge wave. She lets out a little screech and a giggle. That moment is priceless. The best feeling ever.

Have you ever felt so special? Those moments of pure love and affection and excitement. We are her entire world and we light up her day.

From the moment she wakes up to the time she goes to bed, she looks up to us. Now that is one awesome feeling. To have such a power where by someone thinks you are the best thing in the world. I love that feeling. Makes me feel really special and incredibly lucky.

Now I am SO not a morning person but who can be unhappy, moody, etc, when your favourite little person in the world wriggles around in their bed struggling to crawl to the edge of the cot (due to her sleeping bag getting in the way) then pulling themselves up. Two little hands with fingers hanging over the edge of the cot, then letting out a grunt as she pulls herself up. That beaming smile looking at you as she stands on her tippy toes to look at you. Waving and smiling because she is so excited to see you. What isn’t there to love about that moment? Now that is coming from a person who does not like mornings due to being a serious night owl! Seeing her beaming smile over the top of the cot rail after all that effort is the best. Its rocks!

Coming home from coaching or massage work when I have been out for a couple of hours, as I walk into the front door and see Miss A for the first time she stops doing what ever she is doing, that huge smile comes out, the wave and then she wants to come and see me, crawling over to say hello. I get so excited as I walk up the stairs to our unit knowing my little girl is going to be inside and then her reaction makes it so much more special.

I get to witness the reaction from her every day when my partner comes home from work when Miss A spots her Dad for the first time. When ever I hear him coming I usually say “who is it?” in an excited voice looking at her then back to where he will be coming from. You can tell she is aware that he is about to come in. As soon as she sees him that beaming smile and huge waves come out to greet her daddy, and his smile is equally a huge. Now you can’t tell me that isn’t one of the cutest moments in your day? The love they have for each other and the excitement they both share to see one another melts my heart.

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By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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