A Novel Way To get Your Child to Clean Their Teeth

‘Bugs on your teeth’

This is a continuation from recent blog ‘Animals In The Mouth Method’. 

We may have hit the jackpot, but chances are it will be a one off like the other times I have thought I have made a break through with teeth cleaning.

This is a topic I have spoken a lot about of recent because it is such a large issue in our house.

Firstly we trialed the ‘Animals In The Mouth Method’ but all we got was refusal and Miss A saying “noooooo stop it!”. She was not at all interested in hearing about the animals that may be hiding in her mouth waiting to be bushed away and washed down the drain. Bummer!

Miss A was sitting on her change table after her bath, getting her pajamas on when I mentioned that she had some bugs in her mouth that needed brushing out. I said ” pooey yucky, do you have some yucky bugs in your mouth that need brushing?” She looked at me disgusted that she may have ‘bugs’ hiding in there. A few weeks ago I had taught her “pooey, yucky” when we had seen some horse poo on the footpath in Centennial Park. She took a liking to the words and understood it was not a nice thing when it was pooey and yucky.

Wait…. was this a step towards success? I was getting a little excited, but also not very hopeful that the follow through would be successful when it came to actually brushing her teeth.

I said ” let’s go to the bathroom and get our tooth brush to brush away those yucky bugs” and she agreed! So in we went, sat her on the basin like we had recently introduced, and believe it or not she was keen to get rid of those bugs! We sang some songs that I made up there and then about yucky bugs in her mouth and brushing our teeth. SUCCESS!!!! I was so proud and so was she. We had cleaned her teeth. Her actually brushing them and allowing me to help sometimes also. HOORAY!

However I am not yet convinced that this will be a long term success, but it has sure shown potential and one of the best tips in making progress into this teeth cleaning gig!

Have you tried the ‘Animals In The Mouth Method’ or found a way that’s successful to get your toddler/ child who hates cleaning their teeth, to brush? 


By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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