6 Useful Pregnancy and Children Websites:

There are so many websites and apps when it comes to information about pregnancy and  products for children. I have been fortunate to attend two pregnancy and baby expos in Sydney, Australia, once whilst pregnant and the second time with our baby. These expos are really handy as you get to see and learn about a huge variety of products for mum, dad and baby. This, however, can be very overwhelming for a first time mum.

The first time we attended the expo we were overwhelmed by the variety of products that are out there for you to choose from. You can buy just about anything you can think of for a baby at these expos. After we had our baby and had a bit more of an idea of the products we would use, we found it easier to go in and get good deals on the items that we needed.

What do you pick and what do you need? Well, to be honest, most of the items could be seen as luxury items. Some items however are very useful for some parents. What you need really depends on the individual’s hopes and wishes for their baby and themselves.

Some people like to have all the latest gadgets for their child, while others prefer to keep things simple. There is plenty on offer out there, with loads of wonderful inventions to make parenting easier. As a first time parent it is very easy to go crazy and buy loads of things for your little bundle of joy who you are excitedly awaiting for.

A lot of people will tell you that children are expensive. Yes, they are an added expense to what you were spending for just the two of you, but it is, however, the addictions to buy all the cute stuff that makes them expensive. Try and buy the essential and practical items first.

Here, however, are some websites and apps that I have used myself and highly recommend. I have no connections to these companies, they are just sites I have used personally for myself during pregnancy and with my child.


 Photos and photo gifts:

http://www.snapfish.com.au An easy way to get photos printed without the hassle of leaving your house. You can do this from their app as mentioned below as well as through this website link. You can also use this website to create a variety of photo gifts for family and friends or for yourself.

http://www.vistaprint.com.au Another great website with a variety of photo products that you can create wonderful gifts with.


http://www.rashoodz.com.au/ Want a high quality pair of swimmers for your little one? ‘Rashoodz’ provide protective swimwear and reusable swim nappies.


http://www.bedheadhats.com.au/ Ever tried buying a hat for your newborn, infant or toddler and can never find one that is the right size? ‘Bedheads’ have a variety of sizes to suit your child’s  head.

Modern Cloth Nappies:

https://bambooty.com.au/basics The “Basics” one-size-fits-all range are the ones I like best. Easy to use, easy to wash, and come in so many cute funky colours and designs. These are great for giving your baby a rest from the harshness of a disposable nappy.

Bulk/bargain site:

https://www.mumgo.com.au/ A huge range of products on sale or sold in bulk. From baby products, toys, and clothes, to laundry products, food items, cleaning products and bedding.


  • Snapfish – to order your photos from your phone, iPad etc. (50 free a month for a year when downloading the app)
  • Contraction Timer – for when you go into labour
  • What to Expect (Pregnancy and Baby) – week by week information about your baby’s growth.
  • Cheap/second hand items- EBay, Mama, Wish (great for baby accessories like headbands and shoes)

By Clare at Relaxed Parenting Blog


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