7 great ways to use old school cloth nappies

Many of you may have worn cloth nappies as a child (depending on your age). Yes they still exist!001.jpg

I however do not use those as cloth nappies, but I have found them useful for just about everything else. Places I have found them are Big W and Target. Big softies 12 pack Terry Towelling Nappies are about $30. These towels are the perfect size for your baby. Handtowels are too small to wrap around them or to use for some things, and big towels are too big when your baby is still small. They come in funky colours or plain white.

12810096_10154026893209319_1348271102_o.jpgThey are approximately 60cm by 56cm.

Things I use them for:

  • On top of my change mat in case the baby poos or wees you can wipe it up or catch it so it doesn’t go everywhere. You can then just chuck the towel in the wash. It’s also easy to dry the baby after you have wiped them clean.
  • There is always one in my baby bag as I never know when I may need it.
  • A play mat if I’m out. Something for baby to lay on.
  • If breastfeeding to catch any leaks and dribbles while feeding
  • To catch any vomit after feeds
  • To wipe up spills
  • An emergency drying towel if you decide to go swimming or to dunk the baby in water (beach, river, even playing in puddles etc)

12787251_10154026893249319_199990459_o Cloth nappy towel on top of my change table


By Clare at Relaxed Parenting Blog

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