Day 3 Of The Garmin Vivofit Challenge

Yesterday I reached 8328 steps! 1328 MORE than my minimum 7000 step goal! Yay. 2 days over the goal step count.

As I sit here to start today’s blog about how I managed to gain steps up, I’m discovering that daily blogs with an almost 8 month old is as difficult as getting the steps up! But here goes.. today’s adventures:

Last nights sleep was much better than the night before, one wake up and it wasn’t until about 5.30 am. A feed and then back to sleep for a couple hours.

We started our day off at home around 8 am, getting jobs done around the house, mum duties, breakfast for two, shower, watched ABC Kids, played with toys on the floor, etc. At 9.30 am I’d only done 271 steps.

By 11 am I’d reached 1031 steps. Still at home, I’d taken clothes off the line, made the bed, normal pottering around the house kind of morning- Mum life.

Today we caught up with a good friend for lunch, so we set off and drove to Ryde. Parking at her place, we decided to walk to the shops instead of driving. Thank you Garmin Vivofit 2 band! Having this was one huge reason I decided to walk there instead of drive. So into the baby carrier for my daughter and off we went up the hill, and to the shops. 13220092_10154246285929319_1993061290_n



I found that because I didn’t go on a long walk I was finding the step count even harder to achieve today. So after our lunch catch up, I decided on our way home we would stop off and adventure around the lake to get some steps up and enjoy the scenery.



We watched the ducks swim past, enjoyed playing with sticks and leaves, played on the playground, sat back and lapped up the views and enjoyed the lovely afternoon it was.

The playground was lots of fun, it had some great equipment for my daughter to explore and play with. Poles that bang together and make sounds. They also allowed her to stand up and hold onto them which she really loved. A sensory activity board where she could move the shapes around by sliding them along. She really enjoyed exploring this too.

By the time we got home from our day out I was sitting on 6398 steps… I was not past my goal yet. We needed to go to Coles to buy ingredients for dinner, yay a practical and required activity I still needed to do that was going to increase my step count. So off to Coles we went. After returning home from Coles I had passed my daily goal and taken 8242 steps with the night at home still to come.

Night duties started to take place – dinner preparation, bath time, dinner time, play time before bed, etc. By the end of the day I have reached 9411 steps!  2411 steps over the 7000 step goal.

Each day it is becoming more obvious to me how little I was doing on my average days. When I’m out coaching or when I’m out and about I can see I would have been getting up my steps, but on the days I stayed home I was well under the step count that is recommended. This alone makes me so happy that I purchased a fitness tracker to motivate me to get moving more.

Share on my Facebook page how you use your fitness tracker to motivate you to increase your step count. I’d love to hear some success stories.

I look forward to seeing how I will manage to get my steps up tomorrow!

Watch this space.

By Clare at Relaxed Parenting Blog

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