When Are My Periods Coming!?

I want to feel ‘normal’ again.

The pressure and discomfort that comes with no periods for 19+ months becomes tiring and uncomfortable. I want to feel normal again. As great as it is not having to worry about my periods, the wait and unknown of worrying about when they will come back is equally as annoying as having them.

Anyone else going through this same thing?

It seems like forever ago that I actually had a period. October 2014 to be exact! Now that seems ridiculous. How can the human body do so many amazing things? Before pregnancy we have our periods monthly. We fall pregnant and have no periods for 9 months. After the post birth bleeding is over it is unknown how long until our periods will return again.

As a breastfeeding mum I knew it was possible for my periods to not return until I stopped breastfeeding, however after I had my baby I didn’t think I actually believed I’d go without my periods for so long.

I decided not to go on the mini pill at my 6 week check up post baby as I wanted my body to do its own thing and return when it was ready to return. I joked with my Gynecologist that I wasn’t going to need contraception anyway as I was so not interested. I was joking but deadly serious at the same time.

After having my baby I was very uncomfortable. I had a mild prolapse and this provided discomfort for many months. My pelvic floor was weak after birth and some organs were resting on the edge of the opening of my vagina. As you an imagine this was not comfortable. Many weeks and months spent trying to tackle my pelvic floor exercises and as I write this at 10 months post partum I can say I don’t notice it anymore. Hooray.

I can’t remember exactly when I first noticed that it wasn’t as uncomfortable. I think maybe around 7 months I began to feel ‘semi normal’ again.

10 months on and I am beginning to experience some period pains, lower back pains and just generally feeling a bit yuck at times. Is this the beginning of them returning? I have no idea!

The pains keep coming and going through the day. Its almost like when contractions started the day I gave birth, except this time I am getting way more rest in between.  Dull, achy, uncomfortable pains. When I sit down while they are around I feel uncomfortable. I remember this feeling when I was in labour except I had a big belly and the pressure of a baby inside my belly on top if the pains. When I move around I feel uncomfortable.

My body is definitely trying to do something but I am unsure exactly what.

I just want to feel normal!!!!!

I am at a stage where having no periods is no longer luxurious. The waiting game, the discomfort of the pains, the unknown. I am ready for my menstrual cycle to start up again and to gain some regularity in my body again.

Have You Ever Wondered When Your Periods Would Return After Having A Baby?

By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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