To My Child During Your Tantrum/ Emotional Break Down

‘Monday Madness-Tantrums’

I stop you from doing things, and make you wait because I am trying to keep you safe, teach you boundaries, teach you respect, and teach you patience.

I make you wait for your food before giving it to you to make sure it won’t burn you.

I stop you from pulling things out of the bookshelf to stop anything from falling on you and to teach you boundaries. Teaching you that things have a place and need to be left where they belong, if they are not for you to touch.

I stop you from climbing out of your pram for your safety by strapping you in.

I stop you from touching the oven, so you don’t burn yourself.

I stop you from eating things you shouldn’t eat, so you don’t chock on them or get sick.

I leave you carefully laying on the ground when you have a tantrum to get your anger and emotions out. Giving you space to take a minute. I will always be there to make sure you are ok once you have calmed down. Ready to give you a cuddle and explain why you couldn’t have what you wanted.

I am sure there are many other things you feel I am continuously stopping you from doing, but my child I am just trying to protect you the best I can and raise you the best I can.

I want to appologise for any times I misinterpreted your ‘tantrum’ for just needing your mummy. The times when you got so worked up it became a whole new issue as to why you were upset. The times when you needed me most and I was trying hard to help you by teaching you those lessons and didn’t see the whole picture- aka you were simply just overtired, your teeth were cutting and therefore hurting you, you felt sick, etc.

I want to appologise for the times where I didn’t step in before you got so worked up, even though I saw you get more and more upset, I was unsure of if it was a tantrum or if something was wrong. Deep down I was hurting inside as I hated watching you get so upset but I didn’t step in sooner because I wanted you to know that screaming doesn’t get you what you wanted.

Please always know that I love you so much, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am always trying my best to raise you the best I can. I know I am not perfect and I am sure I get things wrong along the way but we my child are on this journey together and we both just need time to learn how to get through these tantrums/emotions together.

Your Mum xx


To the mums out there, how do you handle tantrums? What have you learnt over the months/years about how to best deal with tantrums/ emotional break downs? 

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By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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