18th Birthday- A Letter A Year

A letter A Year For 18 Years To Your Child

18 years is such a long time. From the day your child is born to their 18th birthday, your world and their world will change so many times.

How good is your memory? Sometimes I am not sure if I remember what really happened or if it’s just from photos or stories that I remember things.

We have not long completed the first year of our daughters life. What a year it has been. One whole year and so many wonderful memories, but in 1, 2,5,10,15,18 years will we remember? Yes I am sure there will be bits and pieces that we will remember but many things we will forget. Our daughter, well I want to remind her of all the wonderful things that has happened and how she has brightened our world each and every year.

Each birthday sit down and hand write a letter to your child. Share the memories, stories, highlights what ever you like. Put it away in a special box. Once you have written it don’t look at it again until the big 18th birthday. What a wonderful experience that will be to sit down on your child’s 18th birthday and share the past 18 years documented in a letter a year.

Let the stories begin!

By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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