Miss Mess Maker- Living With A Toddler

I made some toast for Miss A this morning. I even had a conversation in my head about where I should let her eat it.”Shall I put down a towel? Nah it should be fine she wont make too much mess.” She finishes her toast and it’s smeared into the little couch and on the carpet! 😕

I should have known that it would end up all over the couch. Better still I should have given it to her in the high chair with the mess mat underneath her. I seem to make this mistake a lot when I give her toast, however more often than not I will put an old towel under her when she eats it.
How often do you make silly mistakes like this with your toddler? What are they?

#sillymum #mumlife #toddlerlife #oneyearold

By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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