Make a photo diary of your pregnancy and babys growth

I highly recommend making a photo diary of your pregnancy and your new born baby once it arrives.

Once I started to show, I took weekly photos of my belly in the same positions. Front on, left side, right side and 45 degrees from front on. By doing this I was able to watch my belly grow and see the different positions the baby would sit (either high or low, or even one side more than the other). I love looking back on it and see how much my belly grew over the 15-40 weeks.

In the final days I took a picture every day just in case I didn’t reach 40 weeks and then wouldn’t have a final photo for my collection. I did however reach 40 weeks. Feeling completely normal just with a big belly I was unsure when baby would decide to come, so I planned to continue taking daily photos if possible until the day baby decided to come.

40.1 weeks

40.1 weeks

Luckily enough the wait was not long. I woke at 5am the day after my due date to contractions beginning. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be the day, but I took another picture just in case! Turns out it was my final picture, and we were blessed with our little girl that afternoon at 4.53pm.

Since having my baby I have taken a weekly photo with her weight and length, and as she has gotten a bit bigger a few notes on what she has been up to during that week. I plan on doing this weekly for 40 weeks. Each week I use the same Tigger toy next to her so I can see how much she has grown.

12754844_10154009489214319_838399508_o.jpgThis is the basic background I use each week for my baby weekly photo. I also add in a little note that has her age, weight, and length, plus a bit of information about her week and what she has done or can now do.

You could do this photo in many ways, but to see how much they have grown try and keep the picture background looking the same each week.

I love looking back on my childhood photos. So I’m determined to put together a great collection for my children to look back on also when they grow up. These two photo diaries are a great way to remember the pregnancy development and your baby’s development as they get bigger. After the 40 weeks I plan on just doing monthly photos. Eventually as she gets older this will turn into maybe every six months, then yearly.

I would love to see how you keep a record of your pregnancy, and baby’s development. Please share on my Facebook page:  

By Clare at Relaxed Parenting Blog





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