What Appointments Will I Have During Pregnancy?

Depending on many factors will depend on the course of treatment you have during pregnancy. Locations, risks, age, twins, one baby, first pregnancy, second/third/etc pregnancies, and so many other things.

Based on the treatment I had here in Sydney, Australia these are the things that I had done over the course of my pregnancy with Miss A:

  • Doctors appointment to have urine and blood tests to determine pregnancy and cover all the other blood tests they need.
  • Dating scan ultrasound to determine successful pregnancy implantation at around 6-9 weeks- this will depend on your doctors recommendations.
  • 11-13 week ultrasound/ nuchal scan- You don’t have to have this scan you can just request a regular ultrasound to make sure that baby is progressing as it should be.
  • Booking into the midwife- this entirely depends on the hospital you are going through. Westmead Hospital books you in at 12 weeks for a booking in appointment to ask you about your medical history, check up on your relationship and your mental state. They also make sure that your partner is supportive and not abusive in any form by doing the first part of the appointment with just you.
  • Again depending on your hospital will depend on when you go to the midwife again next. Also depending on the type of care you have chosen to have will depend on how often you see someone. There are many options for care throughout your pregnancy and this will be an individuals choice- Dr/midwife care, midwife care, obstetrician, etc. 
  • 19-20 week midwife appointment- A much quicker appointment to check up on how you are going. You will hear babies heart beat here if you haven’t already heard it on the ultrasound. They will record anything that has happened since you were last seen, check your BP and babies heart rate. Also they will do a measurement of your uterus size(pubic bone to top of uterus in centimeters). Here they will also tell you what needs to be done next before coming back to see them. Depending on if it is your first baby or second baby, etc, also if you are considered low or high risk pregnancy will depend on when you are required to go next.
  • Flu shot- this is highly recommended during pregnancy for both mother and babies sake. Ask your doctor/midwife when they recommend you to have this.
  • Glucose test- 3 x blood tests over a 2.5 hours period. You have to fast for this test and drink a glucose drink on arrival. This is how they test to see how efficient you body is at absorbing the drink and to test if you have gestational diabetes.
  • Whooping cough injection- It is recommended no matter how many times you have been pregnant or how long between pregnancies. It is important you encourage those who will be around your baby a lot to have the injection also. Every pregnancy it is recommended for the mother to have it to pass it onto the baby to help cover its immunity to it also as they don’t get their first shot of it till 6 weeks old.
  • Depending on the hospitals way of running things but at Westmead they designate a certain day that you always attend appointments on. With Miss A we went Monday mornings.
  • Miss A midwife appointments at- 12.1 weeks, 21.1 weeks, 24.1 weeks, 28.1 weeks, 31.1 weeks, 34.1 weeks, 36.1 weeks, 38.1 weeks, 39.1 weeks, 40.1 weeks and this is when she was actually born later that day after our scheduled appointment where I was already experiencing contractions. Each appointment they will check the same things as they did from the 20 week appointment. Also determining babies direction/position to make sure as you get towards the end of pregnancy that babies head is down and not breech.
  • Morphology scan between 18-20 weeks- This takes up to 1 hour to complete as they do a full examination of baby and its organs and bone structure. You can also find out babies gender during this scan if you haven’t already done so using the harmony test that is now available at 11-13 weeks.
  • If placenta is low lying they may request another scan further along in the pregnancy to see if it has moved up as your uterus grows. There is a high possibility of this occurring unless it is fully covering the cervix. Speak to your midwife further about this if it occurs.
  • Sizing scans can be requested depending on your pregnancy and babies growth at around 32-34 weeks. Not everyone needs this scan.
  • First pregnancy I highly recommend attending antenatal classes– there are many benefits to doing this. You may meet other couples who are in the same boat as you and around the same gestational weeks as you are. This is a great opportunity to meet new people who can help you through as they too are experiencing the same thing. (Further reading in this blog link: Have a Group of People to Support You). These classes also help bring reality to your pregnancy and loads of information about labour and birth. One thing I found they may not cover enough is the possibility of a c-section so if you have any questions be sure to ask the midwife running the classes and hopefully they can clear things up for you. You will also do classes on breastfeeding, bringing baby home and coping with a newborn, how it may affect your relationship and how you can support one another. Learning about pain relief options for labour, birthing positions/options, and also provide you with a tour of the hospital and birth unit. This is also dependent on what your hospital offers, but I am sure this information will be available to you if not in the class but through your appointments at the hospital.

These are the main things that are likely to occur during your pregnancy, give or take a few things depending on the type of care you have.

What extra appointments have you had to do through your pregnancy? 

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