Day 1 of the Garmin Vivofit 2 Challenge

After having my Garmin for less than 24 hours I already feel like I am more motivated to get up and move. First thing I wanted to do this morning was get up and get out of the house for a walk with my daughter. Its such a beautiful day in Sydney that it was too good an opportunity to waste.

Before I left the house I decided that I would add in a few squats baby weight assisted to get the ball rolling for what I had planned to be a great productive active day. 10 squats x 2 sets.



We then set off into Parramatta CBD to the post office then off to our local park for some fun at the playground. By the time we had walked to the park and played on the park, what felt like a good length walk was only 3000 steps. My goal is 7000! This walk is a lot more than I would do on my average day usually so it is great to see how little I have been doing. This motivates me to make sure I do more walking each day. Hopefully with the help of my Garmin vivofit 2 band I will be able to continue this for many years to come.




We walked through our local park to get to the playground. Such a beautiful day to explore the park. And there is lots of walking paths so it made it very easy and safe for me to walk along with a pram.








There was a long slow rising incline hills on our way, so I decided I would run it and push the pram. I look forward to including a few more hills in our walks in the coming days/weeks. This picture is at the top of the hill looking back down the pathway.



When we finally arrived at the park my daughter was sound asleep. I’d packed us some food for morning tea so I ate mine  (Up and Go, BelVita Breakfast biscuits and some fruit)  and waited for her to wake up. It was great to see so many parents out and about with their children of various ages playing in the sun at the playground. When she woke up she was so excited when she saw we were at the park. Although she can’t do a lot at the park yet because she isn’t moving around on her own enough, we had lots of fun together.

We played in the sand and found sticks, and rocks, and leaves, and bark. We rolled around on the playground surface and played with the pram wheel. We watched all the other kids running around playing. We had a jump on the trampoline together and then she stood up assisted on the trampoline and bopped around. It was loads of fun!


Then it was time for her morning tea- Mango, sweet potato and apple. After we enjoyed our time at the park it was time to head home via the shops to grab a few fun outdoor toys for the next time we went to the park! But for the trip home the packaging from morning tea made a great toy to keep her occupied.


By time I got home from our adventures I had walked 5.88km and taken 5850 steps. The afternoon was spent at home playing with toys and watching a little bit of ABC Kids.

I then head off to coach young athletes in athletics, out at Sydney Olympic Park, for the afternoon while my partner looked after our daughter. This gave me a great opportunity to get some more steps in before the day was over.


When I left home I was on about 6500 steps. Returning home I smashed my daily goal of 7000 and at 7pm I have achieved 11824 steps.

After Day 1 of using my Garmin I’m amazed how much activity is required and how hard it is to reach those steps. So far so good as it has opened my eyes about how little I was doing on my average days. Some days I will easily do my steps, other days I will have to work hard and make an effort to get them done.

I’m looking forward to tomorrows adventures!

By Clare at Relaxed Parenting Blog

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