Becoming Mama- Becoming Beautiful.

“Mama”…” Ma”…”Mum” …”Mai” …”Mum mum” …”Ammu/Ammi”…and many more- these are synonyms of the wonderful word or title a woman is graced and blessed with once they step into the life changing role of “mommy”. Whilst it is true that this is one of the toughest jobs in the world- it is true that us women have been blessed with the ability to do it unlike our better halves. They are the ones blessed to blossom in pregnancy, glow, bear the scars and tears of labour, and above all- bring life to this beautiful world.

Many have written about their soulful wondrous journey into this chapter of their life and prior to becoming a mum- it seems like what is all the fuss about? Why are there so many articles on so many things. But once here, life truly changes- the meaning of lots of words change- including the one word that is a very valued one to us women- “Beautiful”. Previously, this word meant having the time to think beautiful things, ponder over that cup of tea or coffee…lounge about with a book and just be soul-searching and also to look beautiful with that artfully applied “no-make up” make up look, thoroughly thought through outfit for each event or occasion.

Now, beautiful means different- and in its real sense- natural! I know I speak for not only myself but many mothers when I think “I am beautiful”- to that little person who knows this is “my mama”. Every morning being blessed with the beautiful smile of recognition by one’s baby… the lazy falling back on your body to get the comforting smell…the gurgles/fits of cooing and calling and eventually sleepy crawl and then excited jumping to your bed for just being with you is truly the moment that defines every mothers’ morning. It doesn’t matter to them whether you have makeup on or bedraggled hair in a knotty bun of 2 days unwashed hair…no perfume…or even morning breath…a hoarse or tuneless voice to sing lullabies- they just know “this is mum”- my familiar comfort zone…my safety net…my meal provider and comforter…the hugger and above all the sanctuary where if they go everything will be better.

So to all the mommies out there, who don’t have the time to look perfect, feel calm and composed and especially for those moments when looking into the mirror you see a faint reflection of your previous self- know that you are shedding the skin and evolving to your new role – the discomfort,  tiredness, exhaustion yet the wonderful glow of  warmth in your heart and unconditional love makes you beautiful-  because it is only you who has the ability to be that uniqueness that’s you to your child. When tiny chubby hands pull at your hair or face or clothes- tiny mouths pucker around your breasts to feel that comfort only you can give, sloppy kisses ruin your “once- in- a –blue-moon” applied makeup, that silly nothings that you say makes them laugh like there is no tomorrow- know that this tiny little soul knows you and truly believes that you are “the most beautiful woman in their world”- because you are “Mama” – you are their world!

Guest Blog @ Relaxed Parenting Blog by Ishita

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