Working From Home- ‘Love Loni’

Working from home is a dream a lot of new mums have so here I am trying to make it reality. I started making clothes for Loni, my 9 month old daughter just for fun, using left over material from my mums creations. I feel proud when I can dress Loni in something I have made. The uniqueness of her clothes and accessories catches the eye when we are out and about and we receive many compliments on my handiwork.

This is where the thought came to start making extras and selling them. I’m finding more and more people appreciating and seeking handmade goods for their children, other mums wanting to support one another so that is where ‘Love Loni’ started.

I’m having fun with it at the moment, with a few online sales here and there but I hope to grow into a business that can contribute to our household.

We are excited to take our hobby to the local markets and share our creations with more people. To see our range follow us at Facebook via Love Loni

Thank you for reading and please remember to support local and handmade, it may cost a little more but just know that your purchase helps a family just like yours.

Guest Blog @ Relaxed Parenting Blog by Cassy at Love Loni

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