As A Mum And With Stairs Like Ours, I Don’t Need The Gym

I don’t know about you but I don’t need to go the gym to workout, I’m working out on a daily basis just getting to and from my unit! 49 stairs from garage to unit and they don’t seem to get any easier even after 3 years of climbing those same annoying stairs on a daily basis- multiple times some days.

Mum life is constantly filled with exercises- not formal 30 min exercise done at the gym or out in the park but constant- lifting, squatting, lunging, twisting, bending, pulling, pushing etc! As your child gets bigger you are gradually increasing your weights also. Now obviously I am NOT saying don’t go to the gym and don’t exercise as I am into fitness myself, I am just sharing the struggles as a mum with day to day unplanned/unstructured exercise that includes our day to day duties as a mother/parent. 

We got back from the shops after grabbing some groceries. Now any parent will tell you grocery shopping with children is tricky, a handful, time consuming, and just generally that little bit more difficult. We survived the grocery run with our first real successful attempt of sitting in the grocery trolley. That was fun. Well she was a bit unsure at first and wasn’t overly thrilled by it. But that is ok by the end of the shop she was loving it and wobbling around being cheeky to the checkout lady.


On our arrival back home it was time to tackle those annoying stairs. With a 8-9 kg baby (haven’t weighed her in awhile), and our groceries- I was worried.

49 stairs, A sleeping baby (now I don’t know how, but they seem heavier when asleep) groceries including- 2 kg of potatoes, 2 L of chicken stock, 1 L of coconut milk, 12 up and go poppers at 250 ml a popper, plus a number of other things shown in the picture below. What a heavy load- but far from my biggest trip up those stairs from the car.


My thought when it comes to those stairs and having to carry anything is- carry as much as you can so you don’t have to do reps of the stairs going back to get anything you couldn’t take the first round. I get my pack-horse on and get it done in the least trips I can do it!

Who else has killer stairs in their place?

By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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