Let’s Talk Tuesdays- 1st Birthdays

Each Tuesday we will have a topic of conversation on our Facebook Page. Join in ,share your stories, have some fun and see if you can help anyone else? This week we talk First Birthdays !! 


Miss A’s First Birthday is just around the corner!

Let's Talk Tuesdays (2)

Let’s Talk Tuesday – Birthdays & milestones!

With Miss A due to turn one very soon I thought it’s the perfect time to discuss all things birthdays.

  • Did you have a party?
  • Did you have any special keepsake gifts?
  • Did you have any tradition (family,culture, etc) ideas?
  • Did you have a theme?  What was it? 

We are keeping it pretty simple. A trip to the Zoo with family on her actual birthday and dinner out. A few weeks later we will be celebrating her first birthday at her party at one of the local parks with friends and family. Simple but fun BBQ lunch with great company. We are having a Rainbows and Unicorns theme in pastel colours, but again I haven’t gone over board with decorations- just enough to make it look like a party and add some colour to the venue.


I went a little over the top for her first Christmas with gifts leaving nothing ‘special’ in the way of gifts as keepsakes or memory lasting presents. It was a great learning experience for future events that we will be celebrating with Miss A to keep them special and memorable.

I have organised two handmade gifts that have her name on them.

  1. Her very first and very special doll designed specifically for her with her name on the doll (Just like Woody from Toy Story with Andy on his shoe). Made by Crystal Rose Inspired.
  2. A blanket for her cot- again with her name on it. Made by My Beautiful Two.

Both these gifts will hopefully be something she will keep forever as a memory of her first birthday. We plan on organising maybe 1-2 other things to go along with her homemade gifts to finish off her presents.

The main thing that we are looking forward to being able to do for her birthday is, celebrate and spend quality time with friends and family and allowing them to spend quality time with Miss A, as most of our family live away from us and don’t get to see her in person very often.


Share with us your child’s First Birthday Party experience/plans in the comments below, or on our Facebook page! 

  • Did you have a party?
  • Did you have any special keepsake gifts?
  • Did you have any tradition (family,culture, etc) ideas?
  • Did you have a theme?  What was it? 


By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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