Monday Motivation

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Kicking The Week Off With Some Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation- Starting the week positively.

Optimism – Start every day knowing it is a new day, a new chance, a new opportunity. Be optimistic, ‘Today will be a good day’. As parents we all know that it isn’t always bells and whistles and easy going, but it is important to try and start each day as a new day leaving yesterday’s terrible day behind. The tantrums, the overtired baby, the cranky mummy, the poo explosions, the drawings on the walls, the crying baby, the teething baby, the clingy baby, etc. Today is a fresh start!

Never be too hard on yourself- You are doing an amazing job. Parenting is hard work. Love and care for your child and nothing else matters. You are the centre of your child’s universe and they adore you. You didn’t get the cleaning done- who cares? You didn’t get the dishes done- who cares? You didn’t get the washing done-who cares?  BUT you sat by your child’s bed when they were sick, you made sure they were fed, you made sure they were happy, you told them you loved them, you did everything you could to make sure they were well looked after. Take each day as a stepping stone, learn from things that didn’t go to plan and find ways to improve next time.

Hey you!Don't be so hard on yourself. You are doing a great job. Parenting is hard work Believe in yourself,No one knows your child better than you do xx

Don’t let yesterday’s bad day ruin today- A bad day doesn’t make for a bad week or a bad month or bad year. Life is full of bad days for various reasons but how you look at the situation is what will pull you through. Every day may not be good, but there is good in every day.Yesterday was a bad day? Well today is a new day, embrace today, embrace the new week. When ever you’re feeling down or annoyed… smile! There is no way you can continue feeling as bad as you did before. If you smile, even if you’re in a bad mood, it will immediately improve your bad mood. So let’s start smiling!!! Yesterday’s tantrum is in the past.

Positive attitude- this is a decision we can make every day in every situation.  Stay positive and find the good in the situation or be negative and feel sad, angry, and overwhelmed. So things didn’t go as you planned, or your day didn’t pan out how you hoped? Life is full of challenges and finding a way to be a flexible and adaptable to those challenges is the key. I strongly believe in flexibility as a parent. You can’t control every situation but you can adapt and work around things the best you can.

You can do it! – You’re overwhelmed by everything? You’re tired? You’re child has screamed the house down for hours? You have dishes in the sink piled up so high you can’t see the top? Toys everywhere? You feel like you will never get out the front door? You have jobs to do?  YOU CAN DO IT! Baby steps. One job at a time, one corner of the house at a time, one deep breath in, one deep breath out. Try not to look at it as one big mess you can’t control, rather look at it as small steps and start ticking those boxes until they are all done. So what if it takes you longer than you had hoped, if you keep chipping away it will get done.

By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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