‘Let’s Talk Tuesdays’ – How Do You Make Time For YOU As A Busy Parent?

What Do You Do To Take A Break As A Busy Parent?

'How do you take a break whilest being a busy parent-

The time when I feel like I need a break most is when my partner has been away with work and I have been doing it on my own. This is one of the hardest parts of parenthood for me as he is away regularly throughout the year. It is great to have him back each time as the pressure is taken off me a little as he is there to step in and do things to make it a little easier. Things like- nappy changes, bath time, entertaining her while I prepare dinner, cooking dinner for us, getting up to her of a night etc.

Things I like to do to take a break include:

  • Work- even though this is very casual I love my job and it gives me a couple hours here and there to just be me, Clare. Every time I leave for work I am wondering what do I actually need to take. My load is halved and I barely need anything. This already makes things easier.
  • Coaching- Even on the occasions where I take Miss A along with me I get to concentrate on looking after other kids and helping them do something I love to do. She gets to hang out with the mums and dads and play with the kids- So it is a positive outing for both of us.

It isn’t very often that I get overwhelmed by parenthood (as of yet) and don’t really get to the stage where I need a ‘break’. My partner is great and when he gets home from work he jumps in and helps out and that just takes the load off me which helps so much. As I mentioned before, when he is away for longer periods of time with work is the main time where I feel I would like a little break, or more so just having some help. Especially if it has been a big day where by Miss A has been upset, teething, or just over tired. If she then wakes during the night I wish I had some help to settle her back down as I am over tired myself.

Some ideas for taking time for yourself: (Some business’s provide baby sitting/creche) 

  • Take a walk or go for a run.
  • Do an exercise circuit.
  • Listen to some music.
  • Go to the shops on your own.
  • Get a massage
  • Read a book, magazine, etc.
  • Date night
  • See a movie with friends
  • Get a facial
  • Get your nails done
  • Have a bath
  • Grab a coffee with friends

What Do You Do To Take A Break As A Busy Parent? We would love to hear from you on our Facebook page.

By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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4 thoughts on “‘Let’s Talk Tuesdays’ – How Do You Make Time For YOU As A Busy Parent?

  1. My husband goes away a lot for work so I don’t get much me time, but when I do I relax in a hot bath for as long as possible with a good book while he keeps an eye on our son. Or I bake, I absolutely love to bake and it’s even more of a treat these days!


    1. Both of those things sounds great. I have enjoyed baking recently. Even with my daughter around if she is entertaining herself. Hope you are ok looking after your son while your husband is away. Its hard work but we manage 🙂 do you have family around?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, thankfully I have a very supportive mum and mum in law who both help out when they can. I’m fine on my own most of the time, but my son has had a sore throat and is teething badly so the lack of sleep gets me quickly! But I love being a mum more than anything so I don’t mind if it’s hard, it’s definitely worth it!


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