Women’s Health- Living With Endometriosis

Women’s health and education and support is so important. I felt this guest blog was a really important blog to share with other women who may have suffered from the same thing or know someone who s going through it. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

“Hey Guys! The purpose of my blog is to spread awareness of Endometriosis, and to let other women know they are not alone in their fight. It’s so important to speak up, and get help if you need it. Talking and spreading awareness will help with your emotional strength to keep fighting this disease. Remember, you’re not alone.”


End to Endo?

14th December 2016

Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to come and check out my blog. I am a newbie to this whole “blog” thing. So, roll with me here.
Firstly, I want to say that this was not posted in an attempt to make people feel any pity towards me. This is simply a way for me to express my experiences with chronic illness, as I feel I can tell my story better on paper.

And as always, if you have any questions or comments after reading, please feel free to ask.
I suppose my story starts when I was 13 years old. The ripe, old age of Menarche. I actually remember where I was and what I was doing when I got my first period. I remember having the whole conversation with my Mum, and she gave me a book. It was called “Menstruation”. Remember those information leaflets that you would find in the back of a Cleo, Cosmopolitan, Dolly, or Woman’s Day magazines? Anyway, it was one of those. Pretty informative, actually…

Of course, being 13, getting your first period and not knowing exactly what is happening is shit scary. I mean, boys and girls were taught all about the “Birds and the Bees” in Sex Ed at Primary School. But I had NO idea that it would happen to me at such an early age. I didn’t even have pubic hair or boobs at 13. Nevertheless, I was as confused as a bull with tits.

Back to this informative little booklet I was given, Telling me how this is a “normal process” and “normal part of life”.  I would bleed for a few days a week once a month. I could potentially experience some breast tenderness, mood swings, and moderate cramps, and light to moderate bleeding.  Right.

So, 2 weeks later, I had more pain and more bleeding, Naturally, I am starting to freak out even more. Here I am, thinking something is wrong, because this book said it would only happen once a month. And so did my Mum, and my Sex Ed teacher.

A few months later, or whenever it was, I think my parents had had enough of my constant crying and mood swings, so I was taken to my Doctor. And put on the contraceptive pill.

Back that far, I honestly can’t remember too much. I don’t remember the name of the pill, how long I was on it for, if it really worked and what not. It’s only a few years later when things started to get interesting. I had been told I was one of those “unlucky women” who sometimes have trouble with their pain and their cycles. So, I went with it. Because that explanation resonated in my head and made me feel semi normal. I mean, all my friends were having normal cycles. Why wasn’t I?

In saying that, I remember feeling very cranky and unhappy ALL THE TIME when I was in my teenage years. Please don’t get me wrong, my sisters and I had a very privileged upbringing, with the most supportive and loving parents and grandparents, who of course, only disciplined me when I did something wrong, I was never abused, or any of that sort of thing. I was just not a happy teen. And to this day, I still blame my hormones.

A few years passed, and the same sort of thing was still happening. Except the pain was starting to get much worse, and the bleeding was becoming more and more heavy. And, a nice side of hormones to go with it too. Pretty sure I was a monster. So, Mum takes me to see my first gynaecologist. I remember talking to one of the girls in school about my appointment, and she said “Why do you need to see one of those people – you must not be normal”.

So appointment day with Dr Strong, who practices in Taree, New South Wales. And when I am asked what is going on, I turn to my mother. We’re all guilty of that. Mum can explain that shit better than anyone. Dr Strong of course gave me the once over, internal, tests. You know, standard. And she decided I need to have a laparoscopy to check for Endometriosis. I am sorry, WHAT?

Cue the brochures, and the photos of the condition being shoved into my face. I had all the signs and symptoms, blah blah blah. Really want I want to hear. My Mum actually had severe endometriosis too at one stage. Hers was found in her appendix believe it or not. And other places but I can’t really remember where hers was. So I am told it can be a genetic thing. And meanwhile I am still sitting there thinking, WHAT THE FUCK IS ENDOMETRIOSIS, AND WHY OR HOW DO I HAVE IT.

Google’s definition of Endometriosis: “A condition resulting from the appearance of endometrial tissue outside the womb and causing pelvic pain, associated with menstruation”… yep…


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