A Mother’s Choice Shouldn’t Be Judged

Breastfeeding OR Bottle?

Your choice is YOUR own, what ever works for YOU, what ever is best for YOUR baby!

Breastfeeding for how ever long, or deciding to bottle feed your child for whatever reason is YOUR choice! Without knowing your reasons people shouldn’t judge your decision to go one way or another. They don’t know your story or reasons why you have decided to do so, so judging your decision is unfair on the mother and child.

Its amazing how many people judge about these two decisions or how long a mother breastfeeds for. Weaning isn’t always an easy process. Every mother has their goals or plans for feeding their child but you cant determine how it will actually go until you get there.

I planned for 12 months breastfeeding, exclusively feeding my baby till she started solids then slowly cutting back breastfeeds and replacing with food. I reached the 12 month mark then it took me 4 months to wean her off the boob. So we ended up breastfeeding for 16 months.

From 12-16 months it was just a before bed feed. I thought I was never going to be able to wean her for 2 reasons. She was demanding that feed, and my breast kept blocking up causing me pain and issues.

I started feeding her every 2nd night then 3rd night then she got a bit unwell and we decided to skip another night of feeding on the night I was supposed to feed her which made 4 nights without a feed. It then seemed silly to offer it again. She didn’t request it and I didn’t ‘need to feed her for my sake. So that was the end of our feeding journey.

It made me sad when it came to the end of that journey as it happened faster than I expected and it became so final. However I was very ready to stop feeding her as she was becoming rough, attention to feed was lacking for her and I knew she was just doing it out of habit in the end.

It’s easy to judge a mother and her choices but you never know WHY she is doing what she is doing so try not to judge.

Parenting is hard and full of many challenges, judgement from others is unnecessary and tiring.


  • Did you plan to breastfeed and have trouble?
  • Did you plan to wean at a certain age but it didn’t happen as you planned? 
  • Did you choose to bottle feed from day one? 

What ever your choice was or what ever you did is what’s best for you and your baby. There is no right way.


Support one another not tear each other down.

By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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