When Did You Introduce Toothpaste?

We posted this picture earlier this month on our Instagram and Facebook pages to start conversations about when you introduced toothpaste with your child.

Teeth cleaning is a challenge in this house hold. I hear a lot of people say that their child LOVES teeth cleaning and they have no issues, and that they have difficulties taking the brush from their child when they are done they love it so much.

We have a fine line with how involved we are allowed to get when it comes to teeth cleaning without causing a massive melt down.

Teeth cleaning is SO important for our child’s health and it really worries me that it is such an issue to get Miss A to do it.

We have tried everything under the sun to try and encourage her to do it, or let us brush her teeth. Requesting to GET the brush is no issue! USING the brush is a whole other story.

Ways of trying to get her to brush her teeth:

  • Brush her toys teeth
  • Sing songs related to teeth cleaning
  • Wiggles teeth cleaning app
  • Brushed our teeth with her
  • Let her brush our teeth
  • Tried a variety of brushes
  • Introduced toothpaste

All the above ideas she is happy to watch and be apart of but will NOT let us hold the brush and clean her teeth. Therefore they are not successful. She gets cranky and chucks the brush away and the game is over.

As I write this blog, she had requested to get her brush out earlier and has been chewing, and sucking on the brush and ever so slightly brushing her teeth. It is not successful teeth cleaning but the fact she is moving it around her teeth for ages means that SOMETHING is happening and I am happy for that rather than nothing at all.

Can you relate?

  • Do you have the same issue? 
  • How long did it last?
  • Were there any consequences in the future from it? 


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By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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