‘Wiggle House’ Cubby

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Miss A is very into watching wiggles DVDs all day and night if we let her. The other day in particular she had already watched a Wiggles DVD and came up to me asking for “Wiggle House”. So instead of letting her sit in front of the TV for another hour I said “let’s make a Wiggle House for you instead”.

Off I set collecting blankets, her couch, toys, etc, to see what kind of a ‘Wiggle House’ (cubby house) I could create for her.

Sections of the cubby house:

  • Music area
  • Tea party area with her dolls
  • A spot for Elmo, Pooh Bear and Tigger.
  • A sitting area on her couch
  • An area for blocks to build a tower
  • Her baby in its bed under the chair

She is also very into balloons at the moment so we hung some balloons up off the ‘roof’ of the cubby to decorate it, made a sign for the front door and added a number for the house. She was a little tentative at first to enter the cubby, but after a bit of encouragement from both her Dad and I getting inside, she was soon in exploring the different areas.

It was then afternoon tea time. What better place to eat your ‘fruit salad’ than in your ‘Wiggle House?


Have you made a cubby house for your child based on a TV show they love? We would love to see what awesome creations you have come up with! Share them on our Facebook page or tag us in a photo on Instagram.


By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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