A Day In The Life Of An 8 Month Old- Guest Blog

A  guest blog from a Mother with an 8 month old, sharing the types of activities they get up to on a daily basis to cater for their 8 month old babies needs. 

What activities did you do with your baby when they were around this age? 


 Mornings before breakfast- we have free play where she does what she wants, I put about 10 – 15 different toys on the lounge room floor and she has a play with all of them.

Between breakfast and her morning nap- ABC kids gets turned on while I get some cleaning and chores done. When she wakes from her nap we have snuggles which turns into wrestles on the floor and we practice something we’ve been learning, like ta, standing etc etc.

After lunch- we play with whatever toys she wants and I sit with her, we listen to music and dance and do nursery rhymes etc until her nap.

After her afternoon nap- we have an hour of outside time, crawling around in the grass finding different leaves sticks etc then back inside for what my partner calls “wild time”. We get her to start to follow us then we quickly sneak away and end up behind her, when we catch her we tickle her back and she goes wild. That goes on until dinner time (exhausting!)

After dinner- she gets straight in the bath for half hour which is her favourite time of day splashing and playing with her bath toys – when she gets out of the bath she plays with her toys in the lounge room as we slowly pack them up, once they’re all gone she is given her dummy, lights get turned off and she comes up for snuggles and bottle on the lounge before bed.


Do you follow a routine? What is your daily routine with your child? 


Guest Blog @ Relaxed Parenting Blog by a Mother of an 8 month old, Australia

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