Child Grooming and Abduction

NOTE: This is a blog I came across on Facebook and felt strongly about sharing it with you all to help raise awareness. I have not been sent thing blog to share so it is not an official ‘Guest Blog’. 

I came across this horrifying true story on Facebook this evening and felt I needed to share it in every possible form I could to help make parents aware just how easy it is for pedophiles to approach and attack.

A father shares the scary story of his 11 year old daughter who was groomed and abducted via Snapchat and x-box interaction with a pedophile. 11 years old!!!!???? So young! It blows my mind to think an innocent 11 year old can be caught up in such a situation. SCARY!

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Have you had conversations with your children about strangers, abductions, grooming, and pedophiles???





Jim decided to share the story of how his daughter was groomed and abducted by pedophiles, in order to help other children and parents.”

“Her mother and I divorced when Lucy was five. Her mother has some serious health issues, so Lucy has lived with me, almost exclusively, for 6 years. We are very close and there is a lot of love, laughter and music in our home. She’s my little Princess.


We live in a small, rural town. It’s quiet and nothing much happens. I thought it was a safe place to raise my little girl.

I work around forty hours a week, but I don’t want to say what I do or where I work.

I was aware of paedophiles and grooming, obviously, but I never thought it would happen to my little girl.

I thought she was safe here, with me.

I was wrong.

Looking back, I was extremely naive, which is why I’m doing this. I wish I had been aware of the scale, method and ferocity of online grooming.

Even before Lucy left the local primary school, most of her friends had iPhones and ipads, Facebook and Snapchat. So, for her 10th Birthday, I bought her a second hand Iphone. She loved it, and it was great for me to be able to contact her, no matter where she was. I thought it was a good move, safety-wise.

I think we talked a little bit about online safety, but I know she had covered it as part of her lessons at school.  She seemed aware of it.

I thought it was too early to have a conversation about porn or any of that stuff, because Lucy still played with dolls, and hadn’t started puberty to any great degree. I felt she was still too young.

Lucy had a close circle of friends and she’d have sleepovers, go on shopping trips or to the local parks. She was a normal kid. In such a small town, everyone looks out for each other. I always knew where she was and who she was with.


Well, I thought I did.


For me, everything changed on Saturday 10th September, 2016.

Lucy was having a sleepover at a friend’s house, which was in the same town, less than two miles away.  She had been there many times, and the parents are good people. I had no concerns at all.

It was nice for me to have a night off. I adore my daughter, but a day and night to myself is a rare and welcome treat.

Making dinner, I was hit by a sudden impulse to ring Lucy and see how she was doing. She’s a real Daddy’s girl and we send lots of messages. It was a powerful, instinctive urge, which was unsettling.

Her phone went straight to answerphone, which wasn’t anything unusual. Signal can be patchy in rural areas. I sent a message asking if she was having fun, with kisses and hearts, and asked her to send me a message when she could.

After dinner, I rang her friend’s landline, but no answer. I remember having a feeling that something wasn’t right, but sat down, clicked the TV on and figured I’d call again in an hour.

By 9, I was getting worried. It was unusual that Lucy hadn’t sent me a message.  I told myself they’d gone out for a meal or to the pictures or something normal. I was being irrational.

The phone rang at 10.32pm. It was the police. They had found Lucy. She was okay but very upset. They were going to bring her home but needed to talk to me.

What did they mean, ‘found her?’


The doorbell rang and Lucy rushed in. She looked terrified and threw herself onto me, sobbing and shaking. I folded my arms around her and noticed the female police officer’s sad smile. 

After Lucy had calmed down, she went upstairs and crashed. She fell fast asleep.

The police officer told me what had happened:

‘Lucy and her friend, Cathy, were abducted by a man, ‘M’, and an accomplice. We don’t know exactly what happened yet, but there was a sexual element to this. Lucy managed to run away but got lost. The sexual contact seems to have been minimal. With Lucy, at least.’

I didn’t say a word, I just stared. Cathy was 12 and Lucy’s BFF.

The police officer continued, ‘There’s something else. Has Lucy told you about the Snapchat messages?’

I shook my head…….”




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By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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