We Have Extended The Family

Introducing Miss C

(Miss A Is Now A Big Sister)

We are thrilled to let you all know that we have a HUGE announcement that we have been keeping close to our hearts- Our Family has expanded from 3 to 4!

Introducing baby number 2 to you all, Miss C. 

When I fell pregnant with baby number 2 I decided to keep it off the blog until it arrived for several reasons:

  • Enjoy the pregnancy myself without any pressure.
  • It isn’t on my personal social media so I didn’t want to put it on here until I knew we had a healthy baby who had safely arrived.
  • Second pregnancy already felt different to the first as it was less thought about (except those final weeks when your round and starting to feel uncomfortable) and for this reason I wanted to keep it to myself to enjoy it in my own time.

We didn’t know the gender of baby number two just as we didn’t for Miss A. We are so glad we kept it as a surprise. Either way would have been an incredible surprise, however giving birth to our second daughter was incredible- two little girls! A Little sister for Miss A!!! And little she is!


Miss C was eager to meet her big sister and arrived 9 days before our due date! This was a surprise as I had my last midwife appointment on the Monday morning and even said to my partner I didn’t think the baby would come anytime soon. I was booked in for my next appointment which was to be at 40.3 weeks. This made me feel a little uneasy as I was surprised not to be going back at 39.3 weeks (I always went on a Monday and due on a Friday, which is why I was 39.3 weeks). However the next day on the Tuesday I felt a few pains and was uncomfortable like baby was sitting very low.  That evening I had pains come and go (contractions but I wasn’t convinced they were real ones leading to labour the next day as they had large gaps between them- completely different to first labour with Miss A). Also I had been having regular braxton hicks for weeks/months so just thought that was what they were just getting more uncomfortable as I got closer to due date.

‘Due Date’ – 11th August

Birth Date- 2nd August 

We look forward to sharing our journey as a Mum of 2 with you all, and learning how to cope with 2 under 2. Miss A is thrilled to have a little sister and has been fantastic with her. I knew she would be a good big sister but had my doubts as I knew some jealousy would arise. She has been even more caring and loving than I thought she would be and it melts my heart watching her play the amazing roll of big sister.


Let the ride begin- Mum of 2! Two beautiful little girls!! = Proud Mum

Miss A 22 Months

Miss C Born 2nd August 17

By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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