9 Months Inside- Miss C’s Weekly Pregnancy Photo Updates

Comparing Pregnancies

When I fell pregnant with Miss C I was excited to take photos of my growing belly and compare them to Miss A’s pregnancy.

We didn’t find out the gender for either of the pregnancies and it was interesting to see both pregnancies unfold and see if they were similar or different and then see if that meant a particular gender going on old wives tales- ‘guesses’.

Here is Miss A’s pregnancy:

pregnancy 1pregnancy 2pregnancy 3pregnancy 4

40.1 weeks
40.1 weeks- The day I gave birth


Miss C’s Pregnancy:

growing CC

growing CC 2

growing CC 3

38.5 Weeks- Morning I gave birth

I am so glad I took the weekly photos for both pregnancies as I was able to compare them each week and made it fun guessing what gender baby I was going to have. At the end of the day I really had no clue what I was going to have even though my belly shape was different at various stages of the pregnancy. It was a wonderful surprise either way, but a bigger surprise when we discovered we had a beautiful little girl, a little sister for Miss A.


Did you take many photos during your pregnancies? This is one thing I am so glad I did as you forget so fast how your body was able to grow and change so much to accommodate for the growing baby inside you! Only 2 weeks postpartum and I struggle to even get my head around the fact I was even pregnant 2 weeks ago let alone have a belly that size compared to now. The female body is truly amazing !!!!! 


By Clare at Relaxed Parenting

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