The Best Way to Guess the Gender of Your Baby- GUEST BLOG

I was recently contacted by Julissa regarding a blog post with a fun quiz to help you predict the gender of your baby. Who doesn’t like a little bit of fun to fill in the 9 months of waiting time if you haven’t found out the gender of your baby?
We decided both times to wait until baby was born before finding out the gender and I would do it again. I love the suspense right up until the final moments of the unknown gender. It really helped me mentally with getting through the pain of labour/birth. I didn’t really care both time what gender baby we had so was happy with the surprise. To have 2 beautiful little girls was a huge surprise with boys everywhere in my partners family and having 2 older brothers myself. Second time around everyone predicted I would be having a boy. I had NO clue whatsoever of the gender of our baby. No gut feeling at all with either of my pregnancies. Part of me wanted another girl just to prove everyone wrong, while the other part of me was semi-convinced it was a boy as 99% of friends and family said I was having a boy.

Do the test –

After you do the test:

  1. Did you find out the gender of your baby during pregnancy? Did the test guess correctly? 
  2. Did you wait for baby to be born to find out the gender? Did the test guess correctly? 

The Best Way to Guess the Gender of Your Baby 

We wanted it to be a secret. After all, how many big surprises will you have in life? These days you can learn the sex of your unborn baby practically at your first visit to the doctor. Just a quick blood test and it’s done. But we declined. We wanted to find out the natural way.
Of course, that didn’t stop us from making some educated guesses, pretty constantly. And it didn’t stop our aunt or well-meaning friend from offering an opinion on the surefire way to know a child’s sex. Ideas ranged from waving a string above the belly to consulting the I Ching.
Shutterfly has a fun gender predictor quiz which was impossible to resist. During ultrasounds, we were both desperately looking at the doctor’s face to see if anything might reveal the secret – but she was inscrutable as a sphinx. And there’s a lot of pressure to find out! When getting the nursery set up, for example, most of the options are blue or pink, with baseballs or princesses. For us there were a lot of yellow ducks and green frogs. Not to mention the added burden of needing two sets of solid baby names.
So, without giving in to temptation too much, we turned to some more timeworn predictors.
There are a multitude of old wives tales and myths designed to divine which gender your child will be born and many swear by them:
Pregnant Belly Shape and Height—My mother used to say she could tell the sex of a child by the way the pregnant mother was showing. She called it the basketball vs. watermelon test. If it looked like she was smuggling a basketball out of a sporting goods store, it would be a girl, but if it was a low and round at the hips, more like carrying a watermelon, that was sure to be a boy.
Heart Rate Speed—Common wisdom claims that a higher average heart rate, around 160, means you will have a girl while a slower heart rate of about 120 means you’re having a boy.  The girls are just more excitable, maybe?
Breaking Out—If your face is clear you can expect a boy, but girls will cause you to start breaking out like you did in the 11th grade.
Cravings—If the mother can’t get enough burgers, they say means you’ll be having a boy – while sweets and peaches means a girl.
While there’s no real scientific evidence to back up any of these claims (no matter what your aunt says) it’s fun to use these to guess and it’s also a great activity to do with other parents-to-be. The great thing about these is that you are going to be right about 50% of the time!
Those are pretty good odds, but just in case, stick with frogs and ducks for the nursery for now.
Julissa was born in Mexico and raised in San Diego, Ca. She enjoys spending time with her family at the beach or exploring new restaurants.

Guest Blog @ Relaxed Parenting by Julissa from San Diego

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