How to Make Your Own Kids Toys And Fun

If you have a look at what’s available these days for babies and kids the choices of toys are unimaginable! Where to start, what to buy, and most importantly, what do they NEED? Like all products for babies and children there are so many to chose from. But the big question is what do they ACTUALLY NEED? That, however, is the individual’s choice.

I personally love craft activities. So I decided to pull out my craft collection and after checking out many great articles with ideas for sensory play I put together a few fun, cheap, homemade toys for my baby to play with.



These bottles filled with fun bits and pieces from my craft box are great shakers for making sound and also fun to watch as the bits inside slide around the bottle.


This sensory board is also made from different bits and pieces from my craft box for stimulation of ‘touch and feel’. Filled with lots of different textures for my baby to explore.


Kitchen ware is the ideal toy for a baby. Its something we all have in our house already! I however went and got some cheap bits and pieces from Kmart that were more baby-friendly and soft. The green square mat is one of her favourite toys! It has a fun texture with all the little squares, it bends and folds, its easy to pick up and hold onto. The egg ring is soft, bendy, and easy for her to hold onto, chew on and out her hand through. The cake tin and rubber bands make a guitar sound when you pluck at the string. For some reason she thinks this is hilarious when I strum at the strings (rubber bands).

As she gets older I will be able to get the craft box out with her and we can create many things together with all sorts of left over bits and pieces from around the house and out of the craft box.

What are your baby’s/children’s favourite home made toys?

By Clare at Relaxed Parenting Blog

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