In The Final Days Of Your Pregnancy

A lot of women get to a stage at the end of their pregnancy where they are really over it and just want the baby out. I never got to this stage. I was lucky, I wasn’t too huge, it was September so lovely spring weather which was not too hot and just coming off winter. I was pretty active with work as a massage therapist up into week 36 of my pregnancy. For me I just let things happen. My due date changed a few times at various scans (sticking with the 20th September), so I just went in with the mentality that the baby would arrive sometime in September and no later than that. This way I found there was no ‘oh my goodness’ moments of ‘this is dragging out forever’, as I wasn’t sure when my due day would arrive because the date changed a few times over the pregnancy. But that’s the case in all pregnancies. Unless you are having a caesarean booked and have been given a date, nobody knows when the baby will arrive. So sit back relax and enjoy the final days of feeling your little one kick and wriggle.

It may be getting uncomfortable and tiring but once baby is out there are no more mummy and baby moments when he/she kicks and wriggles around inside your belly. These moments are beautiful so cherish every last one of them. Once baby is out you start to share them with the world.

I didn’t try any of the methods and remedies to try and get labour started. If you believe strongly that they will help or work, go for it! My mentality was stay relaxed, rest and keep yourself busy, the more you sit and wait the longer it will feel like it is taking.

In my final days I was staying close to home and the hospital, but otherwise living life as normal as I could make it. On my due day (20th September) I felt like the normal, non-pregnant me, besides the big belly, no sign of labour. I did some cooking, groceries, walking and had my parents over for dinner. I ended up having contractions starting at 5am the next morning and had my baby by 4.53pm the next day! So try keep things as normal as possible and hopefully baby will come when you are nice and relaxed and rested.

Use your final days/weeks to get as much rest as possible as labour may take a while and you may not get much sleep in the days before.

As I said before, enjoy these final days and moments because it’s all about to change, when your little one arrives.

By Clare at Relaxed Parenting Blog

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