Modern Cloth Nappies

To use them or not to use them, that is the question.

When I was a baby my parents used cloth nappies for me, however they were nothing fancy like the ones available now days. Modern cloth nappies look very similar to disposable nappies except they are reusable and made of material. They have inserts to add thickness to the nappy and a cover which is usually made with a cute design or bright colours.  I use modern cloth nappies and disposable nappies and love both of them for various purposes. The old type of cloth nappies are still available. Big softies are available at places like Big W and Target. 001Even though I don’t use the old cloth nappys as nappies I do use them for many other different things- 7 great ways to use old school cloth nappies

I use Bambooty modern cloth nappies. The basics one size fits all range are my favourite. I saw them online at first and was told about them via a friend. I bought mine at the Pregnancy Babies & Children’s Expo  when it was in Sydney before I had my baby. Once we had her and loved them so much, next time the expo came to Sydney I got some more. This was great as I was able to ask them all about the nappies, and how to use them and clean them and fiddle with them before buying them. Otherwise you can buy them online.


There are plenty of designs and colours to choose from. Above are a few of the ones I have.

I have gone through phases with using cloth nappies and then only using disposable, depending on the weather, what clothes we put on her, and what we are doing.

Positives for cloth nappies:

  • Softer on babies skin
  • Cute designs
  • Cheaper in the long run
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to wash/clean
  • You can use them from birth to toilet training if you get the Basics rangeOSFM
  • Great way to teach them how to toilet train as they are more aware of the wetness in the nappy.
  • They can last for not just one child but all your children = BIG savings!
  • You can sell them and get money back for them.
  • Quick drying.

Negatives for cloth nappies:

  • Expensive up front cost.
  • Don’t last as long as disposable before needing to change the nappy BUT healthier for the baby if changed more regular than hours overdue because of super absorbency in disposable.
  • You have to wash them and clean off the poo ( you are supposed to empty the poo from a nappy into the toilet anyway so this isn’t an extra hassle)
  • Extra load of washing
  • You can’t just chuck it away in the bin when out in public. BUT there are bags available to put them in till you get home.


How to keep them in better condition:

They are nappies after all and it is expected they may not stay beautiful and brand new looking. However, I recently decided to put in a piece of paper towel on top of the insert and now the poo goes on that instead of the nappy = easier and cleaner for washing. Especially after introducing solids the poos are now easier to clean and less runny. Poo is supposed to be disposed of into the toilet anyway regardless of the type of nappy you use. Adding the paper towel makes it easier to remove the poo and toss it in the toilet. However paper towel shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet so that needs to be chucked once the poo had been emptied into the toilet. I tried using toilet paper instead of paper towel but discovered that this however just sticks to the baby especially after they wee.

These are the basics range above. Depending on the size/age of your baby will depend on which stud press you have it positioned on. The insert is removable. You can also get extra inserts if you wanted to use them over night for extra protection.

12939569_10154150930984319_1648231076_n   12939704_10154150930904319_316121279_n

Add the paper towel on top of the insert to protect the insert and make it much easier to clean if the baby does a poo.

I highly recommend giving them a go if your interested in cloth nappies. I don’t use them full time. I have 12 to use, which gives me plenty of time to wash them and have some ready each day to mix up the use of disposable and cloth. I don’t find the washing of them much more effort than using disposable. We wash regular anyway so having a few extra nappies to add to the washing is no problem for us.

If you have any questions about them feel free to contact me via Facebook or Twitter.

By Clare at Relaxed Parenting Blog

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