8 Reasons Why We love Cloth Nappies

There is no right or wrong type of nappy to use on your child, and cloth nappies wont be for everyone. I have tried a few different brands and like some more then others. I haven’t had many troubles while using cloth nappies and find a lot more benefits than dislikes.

There are so many reason to love cloth nappies, here are a few of the reasons why we love our cloth nappies:

  1. So many cute designs available
  2. Hygiene- Regardless of the type of nappies you use you are meant to dispose of the poo down the toilet. Using cloth makes this so much easier as you have a disposable liner inside the nappy that you toss down the toilet with the poo. This is a lot easier than having to wipe the poo off a disposable nappy.
  3. No smelly rubbish bins are you have tossed the poo out and put the nappy in a nappy bin until washing it leaving the smell confined in a bucket and out of the babies room.
  4. Padded bottoms for when they are learning to stand/walk- gives them a softer landing when they fall down on their bottoms.
  5. Easy to use- do them up the same as you do disposable. We use one size fits all nappies that you adjust to various sizes depending on the size of your baby/toddler as they grow.
  6. Toilet training tool- They can feel whats happening in their nappy more which will help with them realising when they have wet the nappy.
  7. Cheaper- They are an expense up front but over time you save so much money using cloth nappies.
  8. You always have nappies on hand! How many of you have gotten to the end of the day and thought oh wow I only have 1 or 2 nappies left and I wont be getting to the shops till tomorrow afternoon? With Cloth nappies you ALWAYS have a nappy on hand ready to use.


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'A Photo A Day With Cloth Nappies' Challenge

Here are the positives and negatives to using Modern Cloth Nappies



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