Did You Find Out The Gender During Pregnancy?

I found out the sex of all 3 of my children at the 20 week scan. For me, I needed to be prepared and the suspense of not knowing was to much for me.

My first two went exactly to plan, boy and then a girl. When I fell pregnant with my third I wasn’t expecting much of a problem with finding out. I went to my 20 week scan and was told I was having a girl.

So I picked a name, bought all girls clothes and was set ready for her to be born.

I went to the doctor 1 month before I was due and the doctor was concerned about babies growth so decided to send me for an ultrasound. I went to the ultrasound and happen to mention to the sonographer I was having a girl and that my first daughter was only 6 pound 8 so I just figured my girls were small. He measured bub and told me it would be a 6 pound baby and everything was fine. He did however ask who told me I was having a girl, and I told him the 20 week scan.

He then pointed to a part on the baby that, well, only boys have. I was shocked to say the least. I decided to not do anything until I actually saw the baby with my own eyes. I had the baby 2 weeks later, and yes, I had a 6 pound 14 boy.

I wasn’t really that bothered when I had him that he wasn’t a girl, I actually wanted a boy to begin with. I was just happy that he was healthy. It was going to be a loved baby no matter what.

He was my third child and I also had lost my grandmother just before he was born so I had a lot going on and never really thought much of it until it came time to pack away all the pink and replace it with blue. I had picked a girls name and made a pretty name sign which was hanging on the wall. When I took that down and put all the clothes into a box that was when I really started to feel something, even though I had a perfect little baby there, I actually felt empty almost like I had lost a child. It was strange. I felt like I’d lost something that wasn’t there but it was in another way.

That feeling didn’t last long. My little man is 2 now and I couldn’t imagine my life without him in it.

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10 thoughts on “Did You Find Out The Gender During Pregnancy?

  1. I didn’t find out the gender when i was pregnant.. We never really wanted to know, which when we decided to have a 4D scan was a bit tricky but luckily we didn’t look at that area on the scan


    1. At our 20 week scan I walke in and said please dont even tempt me about the gender I really dont want to know. She was great about it and didn’t even have me thinking baby was one or the other 🙂 how old is your little one? X


      1. 🙂 moving around lots and getting up to mischief? 🙂 ours girls arent too different in age. Mine just turned 9 months old.


      2. yes, moving around, not yet crawling but getting to where she wants to be. if she’s not trying to escape everything becomes food! Is your little girl crawling yet?


      3. Not crawling yet but getting closer. She moves around by sliding and rolling. Slowly learning to pull herself up also! 🙂 yeah we are chewing on alot of things also :-p


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