Sharing Our Adventures As We Introduce Foods

This section of the blog is going to be where I will share ideas for meals and snacks for your babies and children. Now this is not expert advice so if you have any concerns always check with your doctor before giving anything to your child. 

This is one topic I have personally found very confusing as everyone has their own opinion and advice about what to give your child and when to start them on certain things. I found that from books, to internet sites, my doctor etc the advice varied slightly. This can be very overwhelming for a first time mum!

I decided that I was going to go with my doctors advice as I felt comfortable with what he was suggesting and also felt it worked well for my daughter and her development.

For the first 6 months she was solely breastfed. She is now 9 months old ( June 2016).

From 6 months we started Farex with some breast milk as the first introduction to solid food.We only really used this for a couple weeks. Using the baby food nets (showed in picture below) we also introduced a few chopped up fruits so she was exposed to some new flavours.


Now at this stage I was still very new to solids, and what to give them and when to give them certain foods and really didn’t know too much at all about it. Everyone was giving me advice about different things and I just felt overwhelmed by it all. We started her on some pureed foods about 1-2 weeks after she turned 6 months old. Again I wasn’t really sure how to do this or what to do.

I will share some of the ways I made foods in blogs to come in this section!

My best advice for when your baby is reaching the age of starting solids- find someone you trust most and who knows your baby and stick with that piece of advice. Trust your gut feeling about what you should or shouldn’t give them and when you will introduce certain foods. No one knows your baby better than you!

Me personally, I kept foods pretty runny until she had a few teeth, slowly increasing the thickness to more of a mash. The more teeth she gets the more confident I am in giving her bigger chunks of food as she is able to chew them up and less chance of swallowing a whole chunk of food and chocking- BUT that is just my personal preference!


Hope you enjoy following our meals and snack ideas!

By Clare at Relaxed Parenting Blog

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