Larissa’s Birth Stories

When I was 19, I had pre cancerous cells found on my cervix and had to have a cone biopsy where they removed half my cervix. I was told then that I may have trouble with pregnancies. I fell pregnant with no problems when I was 23.

The pregnancy went along with minor issues up until 6 months where my blood pressure went up a bit but nothing to problematic. I was told at 7 months that I would probably have to have a c-section. I didn’t really want to. I wanted to experience labour and delivery, but I also knew that I might not have choice.

I went a week over after deciding to tempt fate and attempting to bring on labour myself, with all the scar tissue I had and baby’s head not being down enough it was decided a c-section was best and I was ok with that. I knew it was best for me and baby.

I have never been so anxious and nervous in all my life waiting to go in. I had a 8p10 baby boy.

I’ve had 2 children since, all born via c-section.

I do sometimes wish that I could of had the chance to experience labour and delivery but at the same time I’m very glad I’ve had 3 beautiful, healthy children. No matter how they come out, its what was best for me and my babies.

Guest Blog @ Relaxed Parenting Blog by Larissa from the Mid North Coast NSW, Australia.

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